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Volume 17, Issue No. 3, Sep 2018


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Harmonization of Transcontinental Allometric Models of Tree and Forest Stand Biomass on the Territory of Eurasia in the New Lighting
V. A. Usoltsev, S. O. R. Shobairi and V.P. Chasovskikh

Distribution of Soil Water, Salt and Water Drop Penetration Time (WDPT) Under Two-Point-Source Trickle Irrigation with Sewage Water
Yi Li and Xianze Liu

Hydrological Modelling and Climate Change Impact Assessment Using HBV Light Model: A Case Study of Narayani River Basin, Nepal
Santosh Bhattarai, Yihong Zhou, Narendra Man Shakya and Chunju Zhao

Prevalence of Elevated Blood Lead Level in Children of India
Afsha Parween, Mohammad Mustufa Khan†, Tarun Upadhyay and Rajya Vardhan Tripathi

Biodiesel from Non-Edible Vegetable Oils: A Review on Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics
N. Acharya, P. Nanda, S. Panda and S. Acharya

Characteristics of Bacterial Communities in Shallow and Thin Heavy Oil Reservoir
Lujun Chai, Yuehui She, Ibrahim M. Banat and Xianqing Li

Experimental Study on Tensile Properties and Reinforcement Ability of Plant Roots
Lun Zhang, ZhenyaoXia, ZhengjunZhou, DaxiangLiu, WennianXu, Mingyi Li, TianqiLi and Bingqin Zhao

Assessment of Eco-environmental Quality on Land Use and Land Cover Changes Using Remote Sensing and GIS: A Case Study of Miyun County
Xiaofeng Wang, Wenfeng Gong, Xinfeng Huang, Tao Liu, Ying Zhou and Heng Li

Laboratory and Field Evaluation of Solubility Control of Aluminium During Al-Bearing Acid Rock Discharge Treatment
Xunchi Pu, Ran Li, Kefeng Li and Ruifeng Liang

Analysis of Heavy Metals in the Human Hair to Establish the E-waste Toxicity Among the Filipino Informal Recyclers Located at Various E-waste Dumpsites in and Around Manila, Philippines
Zeba F. Alam, Carlos Leandro J. Ang and Isabella V. Bondoc

Invasiveness and Colonizing Ability of Ipomoea carnea Jacq. and Attempts at its Management
M. Rafiq Kumar, Tasneem Abbasi and S. A. Abbasi

Environmental Pollution Hazards of Urban Construction Wastes and Related Resource Recycling Measures: A Case Study in Central China
Pengwei Yue

Cradle-to-Gate Life Cycle Assessment of Fresh and Processed Pineapple in the Philippines
Rocky Marius Q. de Ramos and Evelyn B. Taboada

Effects of Manganese Soaking and Gibberellins Spraying on Wheat Photosynthetic Characteristics and Yield
Li Chun-xia, Meng Xiang-ping, Guo Hai-yan, Ding Rui-xia, Yang Bao-ping, Han Qing-fang and Jia Zhi-kuan

Rare Earth Element Trace Method and its Application in Study of Soil Erosion
Li Mingyi, Xiao Hai, Xia Zhenyao, Xu Wennian, Yang Yueshu, Liu Daxiang, Xia Dong and Ding Yu

High Calorific Value Fuel from Pyrolysis of Waste De-Oiled Seed Cakes
H. V. Mulimani and M. C. Navindgi

Soil Fungal Diversity in Turfgrass Ecosystems of Northwest China Using Illumina Sequencing of the ITS Region
Yan Zhu, Tuo Yao, Weibing Zhang, Lei Cao, Qiaoqiao Luo, Jiang Ma, Pengcheng Wen and Zhongmin Zhang

Estimation of Output of Civil Engineering Construction Wastes and Resource Utilization – Taking Henan Province in China as an Example
Hai Qiang Miao

Research on Water Source Security Evaluation of Dahuofang Reservoir Based on Pressure-State-Response Model, China
Lingling Ma, Linfei Zhou, Tinging Zhang and Tieliang Wang

Disentangling the Effects of Biotic and Abiotic Factors on Leaf Functional Traits of Understory Species in a Deciduous Broad-Leaved Forest in China
Zhigao Wang, Renyan Duan and Ganlin Wu

Using the Characteristics of River Confluence to Reduce the Negative Impact of Supersaturated Total Dissolved Gas (TDG)
Mao Yingzhu, Wan Hang, Feng Jingjie and Li Ran

Low Cost Cathode Performance of Microbial Fuel Cell for Treating Food Wastewater
Debajyoti Bose, Caneon Kurien, Abhishek Sharma, Sakshi Sharma and Aakash Sharma

Hazards of Tourism-Generated Environmental Pollution and Measurement of Tourism Efficiency in Western China
Renpeng Zhu

Assessment of Reduction in Carbon Dioxide Emission with Wave Solar Hybrid Generation Along Coastal Karnataka
Prerna Goswami and S. P. Deshmukh

Assessment of Heavy Metals in Agricultural Crops near Mining Areas in Zambales, Philippines
Mary Rhovian B. Bacani and Anniebeth N. Farin

Determination of Total Selenium Content in Salty Soils in Lower Cheliff (Algeria)
Ait Mechedal Mouloud, Ouamer-Ali Karim, Djili Kaddour and Daoud Youcef

Community Characteristics of the Macrozoobenthos and River Health Assessment in Headwater Streams of the Pihe River Basin, China
Yunxiang Fang and Guijian Liu

Groundwater Renewal and Residence Time in Shiyang River Basin, Northwestern China
Haixia Wu, Lishu Wang, Qingjiao Cao, YunXin Zhang, Fei Liu and Yunpu Zheng

Spatial Inequality of Haze Pollution in China’s Urban Regions and Coordinated Prevention and Control Countermeasures
Gang Ding, Baixiu Zhang and Pingping Zhao

Biosorption Efficiency of Chromium (VI) from Aqueous Solution by Humicola phialophoroides Bio-filter
Tinnapan Netpae

Status, Fiscal and Taxation Policy Adjustment of Air Pollution in China
Jinling Wang and Yang Fang

Features of Arable Soil Acidity Based on GIS Data in Liaoning Province, China
Y. Liu, Y. L. Zhang, H. Y. Li, N. Yu and S.Y. Tao

Optimization of Copper Ion Removal in Aqueous Solution by the Biochar Derived from the Modified Corncob
Muqing Qiu

Assessment of Some Existing Water Quality Models
Kayode O. Olowe and Muthukrishna vellaisamy Kumarasamy

Treatment of Dye C.I. Reactive Red 15 in Aqueous Solution Using the Activated Carbon Supported Zero Valent Iron
Muqing Qiu and Chengguang Chen

Preparation of ZnO Nano-Photocatalysts and Their Performance on Photocatalytic Degradation of Coking Wastewater
Yanjun Lu and Pingge Zhao

Turbidity Measurement System for Aquaculture Effluents Using an Open-Source Software and Hardware
Carlos Valenzuela, Cinthya Sosa, María del Refugio Castañeda, José Palomeque and Isabel Araceli Amaro

Spatial Analysis of Groundwater Quality Around MSW Landfill Site
Sachin Mishra, Dhanesh Tiwary, Anurag Ohri and Ashwani Kumar Agnihotri

Study of the Toxicity of Metal Contamination in Soil Samples Collected from Abandoned E-waste Burning Sites in Moradabad, India
Aprajita Singh, S. P. Dwivedi and Anamika Tripathi

Isolation of Different Azo Dye Decolorizing Bacteria and Their Decolorization Mechanisms
LinLin Quan, Jiamin Huang, Jicheng Qi and Yuling Zhu

Influence of Hydraulic Retention Time in the Treatment of Cane Alcohol Vinasse by UASB Reactor
Cinthya Sosa-Villalobos, Elena Rustrián, E., Eric Houbron and Itzel Galaviz-Villa

Removal of Methylene Blue by Adsorption Using Fish Scale Chitin
Merina Paul Das, Renuka M., Vijaylakshmi J. V., Suguna P. R. and Karpuramprasad

Fractionation and Reduction in Bioavailability of Toxic Heavy Metals During Rotary Drum Composting of Paper Mill Sludge
Jayeeta Hazarika, Utpal Ghosh, Ajay S. Kalamdhad, Meena Khwairakpam and Jiwan Singh

Air Pollution Tolerance Index of Selected Trees in Major Roadsides of Metro Manila, Philippines
Glenn L. Sia Su, Neil Francis R. Solomon and Elena M. Ragragio

Sulphuric Acid Modification of Fly Ash for Enhanced Phosphate Removal from Wastewater
Ke Xu, Jianyun Li, Tong Deng and Juntan Liu

Study on Modelling and Neural Network Control Algorithm in Sewage Treatment Process
Min Qiu

Ensuring Drinking Water Safety in Nirmal Gram Panchayats In Rajasthan, India - A Major Challenge
Satish Raj Mendiratta, Mahender Choudhary and Sudhir Kumar

Landuse and Landcover Analysis Using Remote Sensing and GIS: A Case Study in Somavathi River, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India
U. Imran Basha, U. Suresh, G. Sudarsana Raju, M. Rajasekhar, G. Veeraswamy and E. Balaji

Types of Environmental Pollution Caused by Real Estate Construction Projects and their Control Measures
Guihong Liu


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