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Volume 16, Issue No. 4, Dec 2017


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Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole Residues in Untreated Wastewater used for Irrigation in Peri-urban Farms in Nairobi County, Kenya
Scholastica Gatwiri Mathenge, Ruth Nduta Wanjau and Glaston Mwangi Kenji

Effect of Immobilized Bacteria on TAN Suppression, Survival Rate, and Biomass Harvest of Pacific White Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, Grown in Biofloc Culture System
A. M. Hariati, Aulaniam, E. Y. Herawati and D. G. R. Wiadnya

Nitrogen Transformation and Loss During the Composting Process of Livestock and Poultry Manure With or Without Bio-fermentation Agent
Liu Shuai and Wang Xudong

Co-metabolic Biodegradation of Nitrified Old Landfill Leachate with Nitrate-N in Anoxic Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactors (ASBBRs)
Yancheng Li, Benzhou Gong, Yingmu Wang, Jiale Wang and Jian Zhou

Removal Kinetics and Performance Evaluation of 3D Rotating Cylindrical Anode Reactor for Textile Wastewater Treatment
A. Choudhary and S. Mathur

Monsoonal Floods Affecting Cochin Backwater Ecosystem
R. Radhika

Analysis of the Relationship Between Land Surface Temperature and Land Cover Changes Using Multi-temporal Satellite Data
Qingkong Cai, Erjun Li and Ruibo Jiang

Prediction of NOx Emissions from Coal-Fired Boilers Based on Support Vector Machines and BP Neural Networks
Ting-fang Yu, Lei Liao† and Ran Liu

Seasonal Changes in Soil Microbial Biomass Carbon and Nitrogen of Different Vegetation Types in the Mu Us Sandland, Northwestern China
Wang Yue, Li Xu, Guo-Dong Ding, Gao Guanglei, Zhao Yuanyuan and Yu Minghan

Bacterial Community Composition Associated with Freshwater Cyanobacterial Blooms of Intensive Culture Ponds
Yun Xia, Ermeng Yu, Zhifei Li, Deguang Yu, Guangjun Wang, Jun Xie†, Wangbao Gong and Kai Zhang

Pollution Assessment of Various Heavy Metals in the Surface Sediment of Kendari Bay, Indonesia
Alrum Armid, Ryuichi Shinjo, Siti Hadijah Sabarwati and Ruslan Ruslan

Does Nuclear Energy Consumption Improve Environment? Empirical Evidence From India
Ritu Rani and Naresh Kumar

Assessment of DNA Damage in Agricultural Workers Exposed to Mixture of Pesticides in Assam (India)
Ranjit Hazarika and Purbajyoti Deka

Environment Pollution State and Improvement Measures in Rural Areas of Heilongjiang, China
Yanli Yang and Jun Meng

Modelling the Spatial Variation of Hydrology in Volta River Basin of West Africa Under Climate Change
Sulemana Abubakari, Xiaohua Dong, Bob Su, Xiaonong Hu, Ji Liu, Yinghai Li, Tao Peng, Haibo Ma, Kai Wang and Shijin Xu

Nitrogen Degradation Kinetic Analysis in Different Subsurface Constructed Wetlands
Hao Wang, Can Tian, Huiyuan Zhong, Xiaoqing An and Bingxu Quan

Soil Microbial Diversity of Marshes Covered by Suaeda salsa and Spartina alternifora in Yancheng Wetland
Hongmei Zhang, Bairen Yang, Aihui Chen and Huixing Liang

The Glycerol Effect on Mechanical Behaviour of Biodegradable Plastic from the Walur (Amorphophallus paenifolius Var. sylvestris)
Musthofa Lutfi, Sumardi Hadi Sumarlan, Bambang Susilo, Wignyanto, Risma Zenata and Lita Puspita R. Perdana

Utilization of Agrowastes for Vermicomposting and its Impact on Growth and Reproduction of Selected Earthworm Species in Puducherry, India
R. Kamalraj, M. Nandhivarman, Pynkhlainbor Thongni, M. Pradheeps and G. Poyyamoli

Performance of Recycled E-waste as Aggregates in Green Concrete
A. Arun Kumar and R. Senthamizh Selvan

Hazards, Sources and Control Measures of Heavy Metal Pollution of Forest Soil: Taking Jin-Jing-Ji Region of China as an Example
Zhen Li and Zhi Liu

The Research on The Ecological Environment of Green Building
Li Yang and Feng Qian

Bioadsorbents and Filters for Removal of Heavy Metals in Different Environmental Samples-A Brief Review
Hirra Rashid and Ghazala Yaqub

Study on the R-Based Dynamic Construction Techniques for Stand Density Management Diagrams
Chengde Wang, Baoguo Wu, Chen Dong and Jiancheng Liu

Applied Problems of Selecting Synthetic Polymer Waste as Raw Material For Production of Active Carbon
Glushankova Irina, Vaisman Yakov, Surkov Alexandr and Dokuchaeva Darya

Formulation and Characterization of Pyrolytic Oil from Waste Tyre and Waste Plastic: A Comparative Study
V. Hariram, S. Seralathan and A. Mohammed Raffiq

Alterations in Haematological and Biochemical Profile of Freshwater Fish, Cirrhinus mrigala (Hamilton) Exposed to Sub-lethal Concentrations of Chlorpyrifos
Anita Bhatnagar, Navneet Cheema and Abhay Singh Yadav

Study on Ecological Safety Monitoring Practice of County Cultivated Land: A Case Study from Huanghua City, Hebei Province of China
Zhang Guijun, Zhou Zhi, Zhang Pengtao and Zhang Yigong

Feasibility of Banana (Musa sapientum) Trunk Biofibres for Treating Kitchen Wastewater
Zawawi Daud, Noorain Suhani, Radin Maya Saphira Radin Mohamed and Halizah Awang

Investigation of Landform Classes in Geomorphology Units (Case Study: South of Isfahan, Fars Province, Iran)
Mehran Shaygan and Marzieh Mokarram

Geochemical Study of the Groundwater from Coal Bearing Aquifer in Zhuxianzhuang Coal Mine, Northern Anhui Province, China
Jie Ma, Lin-hua Sun, Song Chen, He-rong Gui and Hai-tao-Zhang

Study on Water Environmental Carrying Capacity Based on Improved Catastrophe Theory
Xin Huang, Hai-tao Chen and Zheng-ying Guan

Radiation Dose to the Populace in Southern Peninsular India Through Foodstuff
Reeba Maria Jose and Jojo P. J.

Study on Sources, Causes and Countermeasures of Water Pollution in Rural Areas of Guangxi in China
Yanli Peng

Methane Capturing Using Anaerobic Digestion Technology: A Way Towards Mitigating Green House Gases in Limpopo Province, South Africa
Vhutshilo Nekhubvi and David Tinarwo

Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies on Removal of Cd2+ Ion in Aqueous Solution by the Multiple Modified Diatomite
Hai Wang, Chengcai Huang, Muqing Qiu and Chunxia Hu

Different Types of Inoculated Sludge for Chemical Wastewater Treatment: Acclimation and Microbial Community
Dong Yingbo and Lin Hai

Analysis on Sensitivity of Parameters in Numerical Simulation of Dissolved Gas Supersaturated in Spillway Discharges
Hui-xia Yang, Ran Li and Juan Wei

Effects of Combined Pretreatment of Sewage Sludge on Biogas Production in Anaerobic Digestion Process
Wei Na

Improvement and Compilation of Density Management Diagram of Larix principis-rupprechtii Mayr Forest in Northern Hebei
Jiancheng Liu, Baoguo Wu and Chen Dong

Decomposition of Inorganic Nutrient Nitrogenous Matter from Lightly Polluted Wastewater Using Electrochemical System
Hao Wang, Bingxu Quan, Huiyuan Zhong, Shan Yan and Meiyuan Yang

Study on Preparation and Adsorption Properties of Diatomite-Based Porous Ceramsite
Ruqin Gao, Yiming Gu , Guoting Li and Qian Sun

Disturbance Status of Secondary Forest of Castanopsis on Jiangle Forest Farm, Fujian Province, China
Zuo Zheng and Zheng Xiao-xian

China’s Carbon Emission Productivity and its Development Tendency from an Environmental Protection Perspective
Jian Jin, Xiaoyi Ma and Yashuo Gao

Spatial Assessment of Ecological Vulnerability in Fuzhou District in China Using Remote Sensing and GIS
Hongmei Zhang, Jiwen Wu, Yang Gao and Zhuo Chen

Using Bio-mulch for Dust Stabilization (Case Study: Semnan Province, Iran)
Davood Namdar Khojasteh, Hossein Ali Bahrami, Mehran Kianirad and William Sprigg

The Mechanism of Denitrification by Plasma with Different Background Gases in Clearing of the Flue Gas for NOX
Zhang Lei, Chen Jihao, Sha Xiangling, Zhang Lei, He Huibin, Ma Zhenhua and Yang Dan


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