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Volume 16, Issue No. 2, Jun 2017


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Spatial Distribution, Sources Identification and Risk of the Trace Metals in Surface Sediments of Chaohu Lake Using Multivariate Statistics and Geostatistics
Wei Wang, Chenchang Du, Nengcheng Chen, Zeqiang Chen and Xian He

Preliminary Developing A Mathematical Model for Estimating Household Solid Waste Generation Rate: The Case of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Le Minh Truong, Tran Thu Trang and Tran Thi My Dieu

The Implications of Fly Ash Remediation Through Vermicomposting: A Review
Zeba Usmani and V. Kumar

Plant-Pollutant Interactions with a Special Mention of Dust Accumulation by Plants - A Review
Bhavika Sharma, Sandeep Sharma and S. K. Bhardwaj

Adsorption Performance of Four Substrates in Constructed Wetlands for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal
Hao Wang, Dongmei Zhao, Huiyuan Zhong and Xuejin Li

Analysis on the Formation and Legislative Prevention and Control Measures of Groundwater Pollution: A Case Study from Xinjiang, China
Shiqin Hu and Wanlong Tang

Textile Industrial Wastewater Treatment by Polyacrylamide Aided Magnesium Chloride Hybrid Coagulant
Khai Ern Lee, Thian Lai Goh and Norbert Simon

Swarm Based Control Strategies For Air Pollution And Electricity Production By Multiobjective Optimization
Mahmad Raphiyoddin Shaphiyoddin Malik and E. Rasul Mohideen

Ecological Responsibility of Local Governments in Contaminated Site Treatment: Liaoning Province of China as an Example
Rixin Cai

Factors Influencing Legal Framework of Environmental Accounting in Indian Industries - Overview and Theoretical Framework
Archana Singh, Nehajoan Panackal and Girija Shankar

Study on the Hazards of Livestock and Poultry Breeding Pollution and the Legal Measures for Ecological Control: A Case Study of Guangdong Province in China
Jianyun Li

Biological Treatment Systems for Fish Processing Wastewater - A Review
U. Parvathy, K. H. Rao, A. Jeyakumari and A. A. Zynudheen

Uncertainty Analysis of Assessing Climate Change Over the North China Plain in the 2050s Using the WRF Model
Ruiping Guo and Chunlin Yang

Research on the Pollution Hazard of Municipal Solid Waste in China and its Prevention and Control Legal Countermeasures
Rui Cao and Hao Wang

Correlation Analysis Between Stand Structure Factors and Environmental Factors for Typical Forest Types in Beijing
Mei Luo, XiaoXian Zheng and Wei Wang

Co-metabolism Degradation of Pyridine with Glucose in Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactor (SBBR)
Jingzhou Quan, Yancheng Li, Qinglin Sun and Jian Zhou

Assessment of Trophic State of Nagin Lake Based on Limnological and Bacteriological Studies
Monisa Malik, M. H. Balkhi, Adnan Abubakr and Farooz Bhat

GIS-Aided Mapping of Macronutrients in the Rice Growing Soils of Karimnagar District in Telangana State, India
P. Ravi, G. Bhupal Raj, G. Jayasree and G. S. Pratyusha Kranthi

Temporal and Spatial Variation Characteristics of Air Pollution and Prevention and Control Measures: Evidence from Anhui Province, China
Shenglong Kuai and Cheng Yin

Persistence of Metribuzin in Tomato Growing Soils and Tomato Fruits
J. D. Saritha, T. Ramprakash, P. C. Rao and M. Madhavi

Hybrid Method of Coagulation-Flocculation and Adsorption-Filtration Processes for the Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from the Aqueous Systems
K. Ravikumar and J. Udayakumar

Evaluation of Agricultural Ecological Efficiency and its Improvement Measures in China Taking Guizhou Province as an Example
Wei Wang and Yajun Ye

Modification of Pongamia pinnata (Linn.) Seed Chemicals and Their Fungicidal Activities
Neelu Singh and R. K. Verma

Evaluation of Spent Mushroom Compost as a Container Medium for Production of Seedlings of Two Oak Species
Qiansheng Li, Min Deng and Allen J. Coombes

Review on Climate Change and its Impact on Agriculture of Arunachal Pradesh in the Northeastern Himalayan Region of India
Rupankar Bhagawati, Kaushik Bhagawati†, D. Jini, R. A. Alone, R. Singh, A. Chandra, B. Makdoh, Amit Sen and Kshitiz K. Shukla

Effect of Industrial Effluents on Mineral Uptake of Two Rabi Crops (Triticum aestivum and Raphanus sativus)
Meenakshi Nandal, J. P. Yadav and Mansi Rastogi

Changes in Soil Quality in Limestone Mining Area of Meghalaya, India
R. Eugene Lamare and O. P. Singh

Intensity of China’s Agricultural Environmental Regulation and Progress of Production Technology
Tao Tian, Jing Zhu and Xi Tian

Biological Assessment of Water Pollution Using Periphyton Productivity: A Review
Shweta Singh, Abhishek James and Ram Bharose

Nutrients and Pollutants Removal in Small-Scale Constructed Wetland in Frangipani Resort Langkawi, Malaysia
Mohd Shafiq Asnawi Md. Akhir, Ahmad Aldrie Amir and Mazlin bin Mokhtar

Pollution Pattern of Formaldehyde and TVOC in Indoor Air and Its Control Measures
Xinggui Yin

Numerical Analysis of Ammonia Nitrogen Degradation in Water with Sediment
Jianbo Pan, Changjun Zhu, Ming Liu and Shijian Liu

Optimizing Advanced Oxidation Process for Industrial Textile Wastewater Treatment
Joanne C. L. Lim and Khai Ern Lee

Over-exploitation of Groundwater, and its Impact on Phreatic Aquifer System, Surface Water Bodies and Rural Water Supply Schemes in Malur Taluk, Kolar District, Karnataka - A Case Study
S. N. Ramaiah, Ramalinga Reddy and V. Jayarama Reddy

Simultaneous Removal of Phenanthrene and Ni(II) Co-contaminants from Sandy Soil Column by Triton X-100 and Citric Acid Flushing
Baowei Zhao and Haifeng Wang

Start-up Performance of Chicken Manure Anaerobic Digesters Amended with Biochar and Operated at Different Temperatures
Yong Liang, Ling Qiu, Xiaohui Guo, Junting Pan, Wen Lu and Yihong Ge

Treatment of the Acrylic Fibre Wastewater by Fenton Process
Cheng Guang Chen, Jian Fu, Muqing Qiu and Li Hang

Effect of Initial Arsenic Concentration on Sediment Adsorption of Arsenic
Hai-hua Li, Wei-feng Yan, Qian Liang, Zheng-yang E. and Kang-jia Ge

Soil Loss Due to Erosion and its Relation to the Economic Cost
Indah Fajarini Sri Wahyuningrum

Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies on the Adsorption of Zinc Ions from Aqueous Solution by the Blast Furnace Slag
Muqing Qiu and Pu Huang

Life Cycle Assessment of Edible Fungi Residue Compost - A Case Study of Beijing
Dai Aona, Luan Yaning and Qi Jun

Concentration of Heavy Metals in Tissues of Mugil cephalus and Lethrinus miniatus from Jazan Coast, Saudi Arabia
Ali H. Bahhari, Ibrahim N. Al-Switi and Abdul Jabbar Al-Rajab

New Hybrid Anion Exchanger for Fluoride Removal
Othman Hakami

Physical Soil Characterization on Stable and Failed Slopes of the Ranau-Tambunan Road, Sabah, Malaysia
Norbert Simon, Noran Nabilla Nor Azlan, Rodeano Roslee, Azimah Hussein, Lee Khai Ern and Kamilia Sharir

Influence of Tourmaline on DPC Pore Structure and Removal Effect on Malachite Green
Ruqin Gao, Yue Geng , Guoting Li, Yiming Gu and Sun Qian

Controlling Environmental Pollution Through Concrete Technology
Manmeet Kaur, Jaspal Singh and Manpreet Kaur


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