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Volume 8, Issue No. 1, Mar 2009

Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Storm Water Flow Canal Under the Influence of Tides
Ashwani Wanganeo, Anand Shanker, Tapan Saha and P. Ghosh

A Prediction Model for Soil Salinity Using its Indicators: A Case Study in Southern Iran
Masoud Masoudi and Elham Asrari

Quantification, Characterization and Leachate Analysis of the Municipal Solid Waste From Erode Municipality, Tamilnadu, India
N. Ramesh, T. Meenambal and K. Murugan

Effect of Alcoholic Extract of Phoenix dactylifera Spathe on Pituitary-Gonad Hormones in Adult Male Rat
M. Mokhtari

Effect of Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase in Erythrocytes of Catfish (Heteropneustes fossilis Bloch.) Exposed to Cadmium
M. V. Radhakrishnan and S. Hemalatha

Study of Phytoplankton Population from Water Resources of Jotiba (Wadi-Ratnagiri), Maharashtra
S. B. Jadhav and N. S. Chavan (Mulik)

A Study on Bhitarkanika Mangrove Forest: A Sensitive Fragile Ecosystem
Lakshman Nayak, Durga Prasad Behera, Rupanita Mohapatra and Digambar Swain

Survey of Trace Metal Contaminants in Sediments of Kabini River in the Nanjangud Industrial Area, Mysore District
Azadeh Taghinia Hejabi and S. L. Belagali

Effect of Mercury Exposure on Vigna unguiculata (Cowpea) Seeds
P. Umadevi, N. Kannikaparameswari, S. Selvi and S. Murugan

Allelopathic Effects of the plant Celosia argentea L. on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Vigna mungo L.
Archana Inamdar and A. B. Kamble

New Record of Muricanthus kuesterianus (Tapparone-Canefri, 1875) Family: Muricidae, from Palk Strait, Southeast Coast of India
C. Stella and C. Raghunathan

An Appraisal of the Groundwater Quality Status of Bangalore South District, Karnataka, India
B. S. Shankar and N. Balasubramanya

Toxicity of Parathion to a Freshwater Fish, Channa gachua (Ham.)
Sanjay Kumar Raju, D. N. Sadhu and Md. Noor Alam

Fish Biodiversity and Preferential Habitats of Fishes in Selected Stretch of Narmada River
Vipin Vyas, Vivek Parashar and Dinesh Damde

The Study of Water Quality of Ponnamaravathy in Pudukkottai District, Tamilnadu
P. Ramadevi, G. Subramanian, V. Pitchammal and R. Ramanathan

Assessment of physico-chemical parameters of water in three places in and around Ponnamaravathy of Pudukkottai district was carried out. Water samples from bore-wells and open-pond were collected and
Amita Fotedar and Anil Kumar Raina

Ipomoea carnea Jacq. for immobilization of solid wastes
S. A. Bhalerao and S. B. Chaphekar

Hydrogeochemical Studies of Kabini River Basin, Karnataka, India
D. Nagaraju and C. Papanna

Available Phosphorus and Potassium of Beach Sediments in Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu After Tsunami
M. Kamaraj and V. Karunakaran

Analysis of Water Quality Based on Total Dissolved Solids Along the Coastal Area of Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu
S. Bhagavathi Perumal and P. Thamarai

Survival and Growth Performance of Albizia procera: As Influenced By Fertilizers in Degraded Soil
S. D. Sonkar

Studies on the Chemical Parameters of Grey Water Treated by Modified Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC)
S. Syed Enayathali

Coagulation-Clarification of Turbid Coloured Water by Natural Coagulant (Moringa oleifera) Seed Extract
Malay Chaudhuri and Putri Sarah Aainaa Binti Khairuldin

A Correlation Study on Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Domestic Sewage
K. R. Venkatesh, M. Rajendran and A. Murugappan

Water Quality Surveillance of Panchana Dam Irrigation Project, Karauli, Rajasthan
Ambika Sharma and Subroto Dutta

Studies on Toxicity of Some Agricultural Chemicals to Tadpoles of Frog, Rana tigrina
Md. Noor Alam, Sukant Sadhu and Vijaya Lakshmi

Pilot Plant Study on Combined Treatment of Kitchen Refuse and Domestic Sewage By Anaerobic Digestion
S. T. Ramesh, S. Jayanthi and R. Gandhimathi

Estimation of Water Losses and Savings at Some Organizations In Visakhapatnam Using Initial Water Balance Studies
P. Srinivas, K . Satish Kumar and S. Bala Prasad

A Study of Fertilizer Application and Irrigation Effects on Nitrate-N Leaching in Paddy Crop Fields Near Cauvery River Basin - A Case Study
Abida Begum, S. Hari Krishna and Irfanulla Khan

Toxicity of Lead on Biochemical Changes of Nitrogen Fixing Cyanobacteria, Aulosira fertilissima Ghose
J. I. Nirmal Kumar, Rita N. Kumar and Shweta Patel

Phycoremediation of Sewage Using Microalgae Chlorella Sp.
S. Kalaivani, A. Mahalakshmi Priya, S. S. Sudha and S. Balasubramaniyan

Studies on Effects of Flyash and Plant Hormones Treated Soil on Increased Oil Content in Seeds of Sesamum indicum
Dhaneshwar Prasad Sahu, Dhanesh Singh, A. K. Mishra, Girish Keshker and Ashok Kumar Jangde


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