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Volume 13, Issue No. 4, Dec 2014


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Grey Relationship Analysis on Ecological Footprint and Economic Growth in China: Based on Environmental Protection Perspective
Jian Jin, Zhen Zhao, Jianxiang Wang and Jakuri Butti

The Influence of Spatial Resolution on the Prediction of Soil Organic Matter Distribution in a Mollisol Watershed of Northeast China
Shaoliang Zhang and Xingyi Zhang

Harmony Assessment Indicators and Methods for Water-Human System Based on Synthesis Model in Weihe Basin
Yan Kang and Songbai Song

The Sedimentary Characteristics and Sediment Transport in the Tidal Depositional System of the Eastern Bohai Sea
Jin Yuxiu, Cao Zhimin, Wu Jianzheng, Zhu Longhai and Li Shunli

Soil Organic Carbon Distribution Under Different Land Uses and Landscape Positions in Two Typical Watersheds of the Loess Plateau, China
Zhijing Xue, Xuan Fang, Wanzhong Wang and Shaoshan An

Evaluation of The Trace Metal Contamination in Sediments of The Urban Water Channels in Thrissur City, South India
Anet Panakkal and R. B. Binoj Kumar

Use of Municipal Garbage for the Production of Quality Swietenia macrophylla King (Mahogany) Seedlings
K. Vidyasagaran, R. Ajeesh and Vikas Kumar

Application of Internal Circulation (IC) and Two-Step Biochemical Process for Oil Wastewater Treatment
Qinfang Lu, Shirong Lai, Zhongjiang Wu, Huangyan Huang and Qifei Zhou

Spatial Dynamics of Rodent Population Trends in the Afro-Alpine Moorlands of the Bale Mountains National Park, South-Eastern Ethiopia
Anteneh Shimelis, Afework Bekele and Simon Thirgood

Eco-Environmental Quality Evaluation and Dynamic Ecological Patterns for Songhua River Watershed in Harbin Section, China
Yujuan Zhang, Jianhua Wang, Wenfeng Gong and Weichao Shang

Study on the Toxicology of PM10 in Manas River Basin of China
Wang Yuejian, Zhang Junmin, Liu lin, Zhang Jianlong and Solvakoru Alexander

Potential Analysis of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction of Existing Buildings Retrofit in Chongqing in Medium and Long Term
Ren Hong, Liu Huabing, Cai Weiguang and Qin Beibei

Assessment of Island Land Ecosystem Services Value and Their Spatial Distribution
Degang Wang, Aiqin Shi, Xiaobo Wang, Zhenke Zhang and Heon Sounghook

Biodiversity and Biomass on Abandoned Lands in Loess Plateau in North Shaanxi of China
Yaojun Bo, Qingke Zhu, Jingwen Ren, Weijun Zhaoj and Auer. B. Reddy

Measures to Control Environmental Pollution and the Use of Grey Situation Decision-Making for Family-Run Livestock Breeding Farms
Zaohong Zhou

Studies on Chemical Pretreatment of Straw for Enhancing Soil Structure Formation and Stability
Yumei Li, Hao Feng and Zhen Wang

Zero Liquid Discharge Scheme in a Common Effluent Treatment Plant for Textile Industries in Tamilnadu, India
P. Mani and M. Madhusudanan

Effect of Organophosphorus Pesticides on Enzyme Activities in Alluvial Soil (Typic Ustochrepts)
Nisha Sahu, P. Raha, Asha Sahu and Udai B. Singh

Model Selection for Emission Models Based on Emission Factors
Jing M. A., Shuping Huang and Kasjewruy Pateuro

Modification in Asphalt Texture by Heavy Metal Tolerant Bacteria Isolated From Industrial Effluent
Moumita Dasgupta, Rashmi Das, Ghazala Haque, Ishani Banerji, Shuvojit Nandy, Arup Kumar Mitra and Lopamudra Roy

Optimization of Conditions for Biohydrogen Production From Industrial Waste by Anaerobic Co-digestion
Gokulan Ravindiran* and N. Mohankumar

Eco-Agriculture Demonstration Park Planning-A Case Study Qi River Ecological Agriculture Park, Hebi, China
Yichuan Zhang, Lilei Zhang and Xinzheng Li

The Species Diversity and Patch Characteristics in Subtropical Evergreen and Deciduous Broad-Leaved Mixed Forest
Renyan Duan, Ganlin Wu, Minyi Huang, Xiaoquan Kong and Zhigao Wang

Statistical Distribution Features and Evaluation of Ecological Risk in Superficial Sediments of Hulun Lake
Rong Li and Xiaohui Shu

Flue Gas Desulfurization Experimental Research on Activated Carbon Fibre
Jihong Zhou, Ronghe Liang, Xia Zhang and Xianwei Liu

Utilization of Organic Selenium Nanoparticles to Inhibit Algal Growth
Thejus Achuthan, Santanu Sasidharan and R. Balakrishnaraja

Simulation and Fuzzy Control of Greenhouse Microclimate Based On Simulink
Ge Jian-kun, Wang Shun-sheng, Luo Jin-yao and Liu Zeng-jin

The Challenge of Water Resources Management in Sichuan Province: Research on Water Resources Management and Water Allocation Based on Water Quality, Water Volume and Water Use Efficiency
Yang Yang, Fuquan Ni and Yu Deng

Study on Environmental Protection of Highway Construction on Birds Nature Reserve
Zhibin Qin, Xiaohui Wei and Yumei Qing

Biocompatible Formulation of Potential Fungal Biopesticide Nomuraea rileyi (f.) Samson for the Improved Post Treatment Persistence and Biocontrol Potential
S. Karthick Raja Namasivayam and Abinaya Vidyasankar

Study on the Temperature Effect on Regeneration of Cesium Form of Resin into Ferric Form
Ratnesh Kumar, Ajay Kumar Mishra and K. S. Seshadri

Study on Urban Ecological Security Park Planning Strategy and Type Based on Extenics Method
Ming Sun and Shaoyu Wang

Accumulation of Some Heavy Metals in Roadside Soil Along the National Highway-8 in Rajasthan (India)
Subroto Dutta and Abha Sisodia

Feasibility Studies on the Treatment of Synthetic Dairy Wastewater Under Variable Experimental Conditions
B. Asha and S. Elakkiya

Experimental Study on the Influence of Sediment on COD Degradation
Changjun Zhu, Xiangping Chang, Ming Liu and Wenlong Hao

Phosphorus Removal of Tofu Processing Wastewater in Recirculated Raceway Pond Bioreactor by Chlorella vulgaris
Wahyunto A. Nugroho, M. Bagus Hermanto, Mustofa Lutfi and Muhammad Fakhri


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