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Volume 13, Issue No. 3, Sep 2014


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A New Estimation Method of Sediment Deposition in the Harbour Basin
Ni Zhihui, Zeng Qiang, Wu Lichun and Zhang Xujin

Analysis of Existing Speciation and Evaluation of Heavy Metals Pollution of Soil in a Shooting Range
Yutong Liu, Zhendong Fang, Chaoxin Xie and Jian Li

Indicators of Species Richness of the Raptor Guild of the Carnivore Community of Afro-Alpine Habitats in the Bale Mountains, Ethiopia
Anteneh Shimelis, Afework Bekele and Simon Thirgood

Effect of Comprehensive Management on Runoff and Sediment Reduction in Yanwachuan Watershed, Loess Tableland, China
Yun Wang, WenZhao Liu, Zhi Li, Huaiyou Li and Jie Chen

Low Cost Adsorption, Phytoremediation and Sludge Management Technologies of Arsenic Remediation Adoptable in India: A Review
Ashish Patil and M. S. Rao

Field Study on Preferential Flow under Different Land Uses in the Loess Hilly Region
Zhaoxia Gao, Xuexuan Xu, Jiaona Zhao, Maozi Yu, Shaoni Zhang and Chuanpu Zhao

Retrieval of Leaf Area Index of Winter Wheat at Different Growth Stages Using Continuous Wavelet Analysis
Qingkong Cai, Jinbao Jiang, Ximin Cui and Liangliang Tao

Water and Nutrient Harvesting from Thermal Plant Wastewater by Mustard
Arfoza Tak, Shugufta Parveen, Nafees Ahmad Khan and Arif Inam

Sensitivity Analyses of Environmental Impact Factors for Songyuan Backwater Dam, Jilin Province, China
Bingchuan Cheng, Hua Yin, Fanli Kong and Yu Li

Comparative Study of Different Media in the Treatment of Sago Wastewater using HUASB Reactor
N. Balasundaram, T. Meenambal, N. Balasubramanium and R. Loganath

The Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Water Quality Based on Weighted Modified in Beijing Garden Show Park
Zhao Yawei, Men Baohui, Wang Anze, Long Rishang, Hu Sha and Wu Shuaijin

Quality Evaluation and Irrigational Suitability of Groundwater in a Lateritic Terrain, Vettikavala Block, South Kerala, India
G. S. Vidhya and R. B. Binoj Kumar

Study on National Energy Consumption Allocation Based on Fair Interval Under Pollution Control
Dufeng Li, Xian’en Wang and Wenjin Zhao

Microbial Decolourisation of Rathiline Navy Blue Dye Using Immobilized Fungal and Actinomycetal Biomass
A. B. Jadhav, D. S. Bura, A. A. Borage, P. D Ghogare and N. N. Adhapure

Study on the Minimum and Appropriate Instream Ecological Flow in Yitong River Based on Tennant Method
Men Baohui, Yu Tao, Kong Fanli and Yin Hua

Groundwater Quality Evaluation in Salem District, Tamil Nadu, Based on Water Quality Index
G. Maheswaran and K. Elangovan

Composting of Sewage Sludge and Municipal Solid Waste
Farshad Golbabaei Kootenaei, Hasan Aminirad and Maedeh Ramezani

Adsorption-Desorption Studies of Cadmium in Three Different Soil Orders
Asha Sahu, S.K. Singh, Nisha Sahu, Bali Ram and M.C. Manna

Effect of Straw Pretreatment on the Soil Water-Holding Capacity and Evaporation in Low-Suction Section
Yumei Li, Hao Feng and Zhen Wang

Low-Carbon Green Space Construction in Urban Communities
Yichuan Zhang and Jiangping Wang

Quality Evaluation and its Controlling Factors of Groundwater from Wolonghu Mining Area, Northern Anhui Province, China
Song Chen, Herong Gui and Linhua Sun

Analytical Solutions of the PM2.5 Diffusion Model and Its Application
Jiafu Yin

Carrying Capacity in China: Sustainable Development and Water Resources in Yunnan Province
Xianqi Zhang, Xiaofei Peng, Chenbo Wang and Feng Pan

Application of Bio-retention Hydrologic Performance Tool for Urban Runoff Pollutants Removal
Q. Quan, L. Dong, J. K. Li, B. Shen and C. X. Jin

Changes of Pan Evaporation and Its Influence Factors in China
Yan Guixia, Li Denghua and Kuang Yahong

Research on Agricultural Technology Efficiency in Consideration of Non-Point Source Pollution: The Data from China
Shuqing Zhou, Guoyi Chen and G. Jome Konger

Study on the Shade-Tolerance Ability of Glechoma hederacea
Wang J. Q., Yang D. P., Zhu N., Yung Demitry and Mang J. W.

Study on Removal of Cadmium(II) Ions from Wastewater Using Activated Carbon of Salvadora persica Stem
Vimla Chaudhary, Kanchan Deep Chaudhary, Nirmal Godara and Bhanupriya Mordhiya

Convergence of Regional Economic Growth and Carbon Emission Intensity in China
Sheng Cheng, Yang Yang and Jiangtao Liu

Experimental Study on Strength Properties of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement With Sugarcane Bagasse Ash
D. Neeraja, S. Jagan, Satheesh Kumar and P. G. Mohan

Influence of Sewage Irrigation on the Heavy Metal Content of Soil and Crops
Xiuli Li, Daoxi Li, Dedong Liu and Liangjun Fei

Integrated Wastewater Management in Jaipur City, Rajasthan, India
Amit Dass, A. S. Jethoo and M. P. Poonia

Evaluation of Antimicrobial Pigment Produced by Streptomyces coeruleorubidus
S. Azimi, M. Baserisalehi and N. Bahador

Water Quality Status of Sidhewadi Reservoir of Sangli District, Maharashtra (India)
Alaka A. Patil

Briquetting Burnt Dolomite Powder for Recycling in Steel Plants
Yuanpei Lan, Deliang Niu, Qingcai Liu, Jian Yang, Qiang Yang and Jin Xu

Assessment of Biological Treatment Technology for Local Pollutants in Mines
Liu Shuang-yue, Song Guan-zheng and Kuotame Kimity


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