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Volume 13, Issue No. 2, Jun 2014


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Water Quality Assessment Using Multivariate Statistical Techniques: A Case Study of Yangling Section, Weihe River, China
Xiuquan Xu and Jianen Gao

The Effect of Sea Food Processing Discharge on the Nearby Wetlands in Cherthala-Aroor-Edakochi Coastal Belt of Kerala, India
V. Vidya, K. Sumathy and G. Prasad

Impact of Policies on Unexploited Land Change in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China
Yan Liu, Xianjin Huang, Taiyang Zhong, Guangjie Luo, Ran Yu and Li Li

Emissions and Performance of a Single Cylinder CFR Cetane Engine Using Biodiesel-Water Emulsion
E. Orak, Y. Karagoz and M. Ozkan

Microbial Dynamics of Endemic Earthworms on Soil Health and Sustainable Agriculture
Chengalvarayan Dhakshayani, Sultan Ahmed Ismail* and Nausheen Dawood

The Study of Island Natural Disasters and Preventive Measures
Degang Wang, Ning Wang, Li-gui Wang, Chunqiu Liu, Li Sun and Ananda Colace

The Terraced Fields Environmental Impact Assessment in Data-Scarce Areas Based on the Embedded Terraced Module SWAT Model
Yuanxing Zhang, Jianen Gao, Hui Shao, Hongjie Wang, Chunhong Zhao, Hong Wang and Xiuquan Xu

Applicability of Different Models of Reference Crops Evapotranspiration in China
Xi Wang, Honglei Wang, Fangfang Jia and Xiuru Wang

Prioritizing Subwatersheds from Drainage Morphometric Parameters for Erosion Studies in Chitravathi Watershed, Chickballapur District, Karnataka
T. Mahadevaiah and B. K. Narendra

Factors that Affect the Species Richness of the Raptor Guild of the Carnivore Community in the Afro-Alpine Sections of the Bale Mountains National Park (BMNP)
Anteneh Shimelis, Ermias Addmasu, Afework Bekele, Stuart Williams and Simon Thirgood

Monitoring and Evaluation Study on Traffic Noise of College Road
Jihong Zhou, Qi Jiang and Xia Zhang

Hydro-Chemical Analysis and Classification of Groundwater in Tiptur Town and its Surrounding Areas, Tumkur District, Karnataka
S. B. Basavaraddi, Heena Kouser and E. T. Puttaiah

Analysis of Microbial Community in Luliang Oil Field
Yi Lina, Ma Yuandong, Cui Qingfeng, Yu Li, Huang Lixin and Dhakal Jafarzadeh

Study on the Change and Regional Differences About Total Factor Productivity Considering the Environmental Pollution in China
Jiansheng Zhang, C. Kopytov and Mou Qifang

E-waste, A New Challenge to the Environmentalists
Manoj Kumar Jhariya, K. P. Sahu and Abhishek Raj

Study on Arsenic (III) Sorption Behaviour by River Sediment
Li Hai-hua, Meng Rui-jing, Huang Qiang and Qiu Lin

A Rating Tax Control Model to Mitigate China’s Transboundary Water Pollution Problems
Changmin Li Jian Xue and Xiaoqiang Xie

Phytostabilization of Chromium by Organic Amendments in Sunflower (Helianthus annus L.) Field Soil
R. Sunitha and S. Mahimairaja

Study on the Optimization of Fishway Inlet
Xiao He, Jia Li, Wenmin Yi and Xi Mao

Research on the Location and Allocation Strategy of the Construction of Waste Resource Center Based on Environment Protection
Shilong Li, Hongyan Tian and Mazhar Hassan

Biodecolourisation of Azo Dye Reactive Red 22 by Bacillus infantis strain AAA isolated from Seawater and Toxicity Assessment of Degraded Metabolites
K. V. Bhaskara Rao and A. S. Arun Prasad

Study of Soil Moisture Dynamics in Relation to Microtopography in the Loess Region of Northern Shaanxi, China
Yao-jun Bo, Qing-ke Zhu, Wei-jun Zhao, Yan-ming Zhao and Auer. B. Reddy

Exogenous Hydrogen Sulphide Protection of Cucurbita ficifolia Seedlings against NaHCO3 Stress
Yongdong Sun, Weirong Luo and Shiyong Sun

Hydrologic Modelling of Mahanadi River Basin in India Using Rainfall-Runoff Model
M. Singh, V. Shinde, S. K. Pradhan, A. L. Chalodiya and K. N. Shukla

Assessment on Sediment Pollution and Suggestions of its Disposal Method in a Reservoir used as an Urban Water Source in China
Meng Chong, Kong Fanli, Yin Hua and Li Yu

Effect of pH Value on Denitrification Phosphorus Removal in Sequencing Batch Reactor
Jie Deng, Hongwei Rong, Chaosheng Zhang and Kefang Zhang

In Vitro Propagation of Endangered Orchid Taxa Using Alginate-Encapsulated Protocorm Like Bodies (PLBs)
Vishal Sharma

Integrated Digitization Evaluation of Soil Fertility in Coal Mine Reclamation Area
XiaoLong Li, JinXiang Yang, MingXu Zhang, Liangmin Gao and Duoxi Yao

Research on Fungicides Mixing Processing of Sewage Treatment in Oilfield
Zhao Lijun, Li Qingsheng and Wang Xusheng

Time Series Analysis of Water Quality in Hanjiang River
Juan Zhang and Changjun Zhu

A Comparative Study of Biodegradation of Textile Azo Dyes by Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas putida
S. Hilda Josephine and A. S. S. Sekar

Experimental Study of Ultrasonic Disintegration on Biological Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal
Cao Zhourong, Yang Shunsheng, Zheng Xipeng and Zhao Guohan

Effect of Plasticizer on Mechanical and Moisture Absorption Properties of Eco-friendly Corn Starch-based Bioplastic
Suman Gujar, Bartik Pandel and A. S. Jethoo

From Seed to Feed: Organic Food Leisure Park Construction
Lifang Qiao, Kai Zhou and Yichuan Zhang

Antihyperlipidemic Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Celery Leaves on Rats Rattus norvegicus
Renugopal Perumalraja and S. Dawood Sharief

Isolation and Characteristics of 17Beta-Estradiol-Degrading Dyella spp. Strains From Activated Sludge
Changwen Wang, Jun Li, Baihang Zhao, Yonglei Wang and Guoyang Liu


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