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Volume 13, Issue No. 1, Mar 2014


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A Study to Investigate and Compare Groundwater Quality in Adjacent Areas of Landfill Sites in Lahore City
Akhtar Malik Muhammad, Tang Zhonghua, Ammar Salman Dawood and Muhammad Tayyab Sohail

Experimental and Statistical Analysis of Indoor Air Quality Characteristics in an Air Conditioned Car
P. Thirumal, K.S. Amirthagadeswaran and S. Jayabal

Study on Damage of Tourism Function Based on Lake Pollution - A Case of Chaohu Lake, China
Baiping Liu and Qingguang Liu

Prey Abundance and Patch Usage for Foraging by Buteo augur in the Afro-alpine Habitats of the Bale Mountains National Park (BMNP), Ethiopia
Anteneh Shimelis, Afework Bekele and Simon Thirgood

Effects of Lead and Water Stress on Soil Enzyme Activities from Two Plant Species
Furong Zhou, Jinxin Wang, Nan Yang, Qing Zhang and Peng Zou

Research on a New Physical Based Hydrological Model Applied in Ebinur Lake Basin in China
Wang Yue-jian, Du Jing, Liu Yang and Liu Zhi-hui

The Effect of Ultrasound on Microcystis sp. Morphological Characteristics at Different Ultrasonic Power
Gongduan Fan, Qian Lin and Liru Chen

Groundwater Quality Assessment in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu Using GIS
J. Colins Johnny and M. C. Sashikkumar

Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Drinking and Irrigation Purposes of Upper Bennihalla Basin, Karnataka
J. Davithuraj and S. Manjunatha

Urbanization Driving Forces of Unexploited Land Conversion in Ecologically Fragile Karst Areas of Southwest China: A Case Study of Guiyang City
Yan Liu, Xianjin Huang, Taiyang Zhong and Guangjie Luo

Source Identification of Heavy Metals in River Sediments by Using Factor Analysis in Combination with K-means Cluster Analysis
Linhua Sun and Herong Gui

Relationship Between Litter Decomposition and Soil Properties Degradation in Six Typical Planted Pure Forests in Mu Us Desert, China
Cai-Hong Mi and Zeng-Wen Liu

Characterization of a Bioactive Compounds Produced by Streptomyces phaeochromogenes NRRL B-2123
Zahra Bamzadeh, Majid Baserisalehi, Nima Bahador and Seyed Hossein Hejazi

The Relation Analysis Between Meteorological Factors and PM2.5 in Xi’an
Xiaoqiang Zhao, Yanfei Yu, Shixiong Ma, Xun Feng and Xue Lei

Study on Spatial Migration Law of Heavy Metal Copper in Soil-Ligustrum lucidum Plant Interface System
Jin Xiang Yang, Xiao Long Li, Liangmin Gao, Duoxi Yao and Ming Xu Zhang

Evaluation of Effect of Calcium on Scale Formation and Corrosivity of Groundwater Using GIS
K. Ravi Kumar, Ashutosh Das, Mukesh Goel and R. Nagarajan

Influence of Urban Heat Island on Office Building Energy Consumption
Zhihao Wang and Tao He

Eco-environmental Changes Mechanism in the Source Region of the Yangtze River, China
Liu Qingguang

Hydrodynamics and Contaminant Transportation Development in Vegetated Open Channel
Changjun Zhu and Wenlong Hao

Metal Contamination in Commercially Important Prawn and Shrimp Species Collected from Malad Market of Mumbai Suburb of India
G. V. Zodape

Evaluation of Surface Water Quality and Its Suitability for Drinking and Agricultural Use in Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India
S. N. Patil, Deepali Yeole and N. D. Wagh

Biodeterioration of Some Cultural Heritage in Isfahan City, Iran
H. Modaresi, N. Bahador and M. Baserisalehi

Effect of Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) Extract on Blood Parameters in Mice
Mehrdad Modaresi and Masumeh Iranpour

The Verification of SO2 Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) in China Based on the Provincial Panel Data During the Tenth and the Eleventh Five-Year
Chen Feng, Xi Wenyi, Liu Peng, Li Yufei and Shi Lei

An Environmental Benign Approach for Cadmium Removal from Soils Via Tea Saponin Desorption
Xiaohong Lu, Zhijun Yan, Xiangjuan Ma, Huijun Liu and Huilong Xia

Impact of Seafood Processing Factory Effluent on Seed Germination and Early Seedling Growth of Vigna sinensis L. and Oryza sativa L.
Romilly Margaret Mendez and Geethal Joseph

Seasonal Occurrence of Endomycophytes in Inner Bark of Kleinhovia hospita Linn.
T. G. Nagaraja

Growth and Physiological Responses of the Seedling of Raphanus sativus Following Exposure of Seed to Mercury
Rajasri Sahoo, B. Satapathy and Santilata Sahoo

Optimization of MSW Collection Routing System to Reduce Fuel Consumption and Pollutant Emissions
Cheng-Zhi Li, Yan Zhang, Zhi-Hui Liu, Xianyong Meng and Jing Du

Study on the Characteristics of the Vegetation in the Fenced Region of Ningxia in China
Lili Wang, Kebin Zhang, Ruiping Hou, Xiaoteng Xu, Xiao Wang and Xiaodan Liu

Study on the Ecological Characteristics and Change Analysis of Xin Jiang Junggar Basin Based on the NDVI
He Lingyun, Meng Xianyong, Du Jing, Wang Yuejian, Cai Yongge and Tang Xiangling

Collaborative Optimization of Emergency Rescue Under Sudden Inter-City Natural Disaster
Zhang Lei and Kong Yan-yan

Decomposition Analysis of Driving Factors for Building Energy Consumption in China
Cai Weiguang, Ren Hong and Cao Shuangping

Studies on Runoff Wastewater Remediation Technology Based on Immobilized Microorganisms
Yin Wenliang

Water Quality Status of a Polluted Pond, Bhabua Town (Kaimur), Bihar
Shivchandra Kumar, Anil Kumar Singh and D. K. Paul

Study on Germination and Growth of Chromium Treated Green Gram, Vigna radiata (L.)
Sheeja P. Parayil, K. A. Praseetha and E. S. Abhilash


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