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Volume 12, Issue No. 4, Dec 2013


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Study on Snowmelt Runoff Under Climate Change Effect in Tianshan Mountain in China
Meng Xian-yong, Ji Xiao-nan, Liu Zhi-hui, Chen Xi and Fang Shi-feng

Adsorption Studies on the Removal of Chromium (VI) from Wastewater Using Activated Carbon Derived from Water Hyacinth
P. Santhosh and C. Dhandapani

Environmental Economic Dynamic Dispatch Modelling and Simulation Including Wind Farms
Yuhong Zhao, Yunhui Zhang and Jinyun Guang

Study of Algae from Freshwater Reservoirs of Warangal (A.P), India
B. Kumaraswamy, L. Dup Singh, M. Ramesh Babu and B. Digamber Rao

Study on the Molecular Weight Distribution in Ganjiang River
Zhengong Tong

Study on Modelling of Site Quality Evaluation and Its Dynamic Update Technology for Plantation Forests
Yanrong Guo, Yanyun Han, Baoguo Wu and Yang Liu

Environment Protection Evaluation of 30 Provinces in China Using Gray Relational Analysis
Lang Wang, Qier An and Jinghua Sha

Research on the Return Water Flow Velocity of a Water Source Heat Pump System
Fei Liu, Dongliang Zhang and Guangliang Zhuang

Study on the Eco-Control System of Sustainable Expressway Landscape
Leichang Huang*, Fucun Cao*, Shilin Shen*, Ying Chen** and Xun Gu

Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Drinking and Agricultural Purposes in Vamanapuram River Basin, South Kerala, India
Veena M. Nair and R. B. Binoj Kumar

The Effect of Selenium on the Blood Radioimmunological Indexes Induced by High Dose of Fluorine
Jiayong Zou, Xinying Lin, Jianchao Bian, Qiuli Zhu, Xiaoyan Zou

Impact Analysis on the Energy-Saving and Land-Saving Properties of Green Buildings with Different Per Capita Floor Space of Residential Buildings
He Yueer, Peng Shini and Liu Meng

Studies on Potential Water Resources Crisis Based on STIRPAT Model: A Case from Zhejiang in China
Liange Zhao, Jie Lin and Xueyuan Wang

Modelling of Grey Differential Model of River Water Pollution and its Application
Changjun Zhu and Wenlong Hao

Acute Toxicity and Behavioural Changes in Channa punctatus (Bloch) Exposed to Rogor (An Organophosphorus Pesticide)
D. Sarma, J. Das and A. Dutta

Research of Urban Thermal Environment Based on Digital Technologies
Li Yang

Study on Phosphate Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Fe-Mn-Zn Trimetal Oxide Modified Fly Ash
Ke Xu, Tong Deng, Chunguang Li, Junling Niu, Juntan Liu and Weigong Peng

Enterprise’s Strategy Choice with Environmental Constraints
Chunjie Yu and Fengjun An

Investigation on the Effects of Conventional Fossil Fuel to the Environment and Research on Renewable Fuels with Reduced Emission Using Biodiesel, Diethyl Ether and Hydrogen
C. Jegadheesan, P. Somasundaram, B. Meenakshipriya and U. P. Vignesh

A Convergent Analysis on Economic Growth of Industrial Sector and Strength of Environmental Regulation
Zhang Cheng, Guo Bing-nan, Zhao Chun-ling, Zhang Yun-feng and Wang Jun

Preparation for Nano-titania Catalyst and Its Application for Benzene Decomposition
Tao Zhu, Ling Lu, Yazhong Dai, Jinlan Zhou, Hanxiang Shi, Yuezhan Shi, Yurong Liu and Changsheng Liu

Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Drinking and Irrigation Purposes in Banasthali Village, District Tonk, Rajasthan
Kailash C. Sharma and Mithlesh Agrawal

Water Quality Analysis in Jining City Using Clustering Methods
Yunxin Zhang and Changjun Zhu

Studies on Molecular Distillation Disposal of Petrochemical Hazardous Wastes
Zhong Jun Fu, Feng Song, Run Sun and Hong Wang

Aeromycological Investigations in the Ambient Air Over Some Crop Fields in Context to Pathogenic and Allergenic Fungal Bioaerosols
Avinash V. Karne

Vague Reservoir Water Quality Evaluation Method Based on Distance
Feng Hao, Hongxu Wang and Fujin Zhang

Starch Metabolism During Leaf Senescence in Two Rice Varieties on Exposure to Aluminium
M. Muthukumaran and A. Vijaya Bhaskara Rao

Geochemical Assessment of Groundwater Along Thandava River Basin, Andhra Pradesh, India
K. Krishna Kumar, Y. Israel and P. Sowjanya

The Impact of Monochromatic Light on the Growth and Pigment Production of Cladophora crispata (Chlorophyceae)
K . Lalitha Kumari, T. Malathi, D. Snehalatha, T. Aseervadam and B. Digamber Rao

Effect of Environmental Acidic pH on Oxygen Consumption of Fish, Cyprinus carpio (L.)
U. Srineetha, M. Venkata Reddy and M. Bhaskar

Carbon Sequestration in the Standing Trees at Campus of Shivaji University, Kolhapur
Kanchan Dubal, Pradnya Ghorpade, Meena Dongare and Sachin Patil

Investigation on the Bioremediation of Metal Pollution of Water and Soil Environment in Yongding River
Long Rishang, Men Baohui, Zhao Yawei, Wang Anze, Hu Sha and Wu Shuaijin


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