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Volume 11, Issue No. 2, Jun 2012

A Semi-Empirical Method of PM-10 Atmospheric Pollution Forecast at Santiago De Chile City
Raul G. E. Morales, Augusto Llanos, Manuel Merino and Claudio H. Gonzalez-Rojas

Retardation of Toxic Effects of Chromium in Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp by the Application of Pseudomonas fluorescens
C. T. Anitha, M. P. Subin, P. D. Sidhimol and N. P. Krishnapriya

Adsorption Study of Aluminium onto Curcuma longa
Azhar Abdul Halim, Eliani Ezani, Mohd. Sham Othman, Normah Awang, Mohd. Ikram Wahab and Anuar Ithnin

Impact of Quinalphos on Acid Phosphatase and Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in the Tissues of Freshwater Fish, Labeo rohita
S. Binukumari and M. Manimegalai

An Overview of Calcium Carbonate Saturation Indices as a Criterion to Protect Desalinated Water Transmission Lines From Deterioration
Ghazi Ozair

Optimal Extraction of Lipids from Microalgae, Microcystis
G. Supriya and T. V. Ramachandra

Impact of Water Quality on Aquatic Life in River Ravi, Pakistan
Sana Akhtar and Mohammad Nawaz

Spectroscopic Studies on the Biodegradation of Textile Effluent By White Rot Fungus Trametes hirsuta
N. Ramamurthy, S. Balasaraswathy and P. Sivasakthivelan

Adsorption of Arsenite from Water by Rice Husk Silica
Taimur Khan, Shahril Anwar Bin Ab Wahap and Malay Chaudhuri

Assessment of Water Quality in Terms of Total Hardness and Iron of Some Freshwater Resources of Kanpur and its Suburbs
Divya Tiwari and Rakhi Bajpai

Risk Assessment of Environmental Degradation with Special Reference to Marine Oil Pollution
Brahim Idelhakkar

Studies on the Growth Performance, Mineral Composition and Yield of Bottle Gourd Under Irrigation with Grey Water
F. A. Lone, Nousheen Qureshi, N. A. Kirmani, S. H. Sidiquii, Sabia Zaffar and R. A. Shah

Sublethal Effect of Quinalphos on Peripheral Haematology of Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters)
K. N. Vijayakumari and G. A. Akhila

Ecological Studies of Lake Udaisagar with Reference to its Physico-chemical Environment
R. P. Vijayvergia

Application of Remote Sensing in Detection of Forest Cover Changes Using Geo-Statistical Change Detection Matrices A Case Study of Devanampatti Reserve Forest, Tamilnadu, India
S. Kaliraj, S. Muthu Meenakshi and V. K. Malar

Fluoride Toxicity in Groundwater and its Chronic Effect on Human Health: A Study in Tiptur Town and its Surrounding Areas in Karnataka State, India
S. B. Basavaraddi, Hina Kousar and E .T. Puttaiah

Studies on the Threatened Biodiversity of Wild Medicinal Flora and its Conservation in Nashik District, North Sahyadri, Maharashtra
D. N. Khairnar, A. B. Khairnar and A. S. Kelhe

Water Quality Assessment of Certain Selected Tank Waters of Tiptur Taluk, Karnataka, For Irrigation Purpose
A. M. Shivanna, C. Vijayabhaskar and G. Nagendrappa

Studies of Distillery Spent Wash Irrigation on Germination and Growth of Chrysanthemum indicum and Polianthes tuberosa Flowering Plants
S. Chandraju, C. Thejovathi and C. S. Chidan Kumar

Assessment of Some Physico-Chemical Characteristics and Heavy Metals in Some Groundwater Samples Along the Budhi Gandak Belt of Muzaffarpur District During Monsoon Season
S. Mumtazuddin, A. K. Azad and Manoj Kumar

Ecological Studies of Two Riverine Wetlands of Goalpara District of Assam, India
D. Sarma and A. Dutta

Phytoplankton Diversity in Perennial Reservoirs of Dry Tahsils of Sangli District, Maharashtra, India
Alaka A. Patil and Niranjana Chavan

Effects of Growth of Angiosperms on the Monuments Investigation Based on Historical Monuments of Gwalior Fort
Prem Kumar Gautam, Deveshwari Singh and Seema Bhadauria

Assessment of Water Quality of a Polluted Pond at Mysore Using National Sanitation Foundation-Water Quality Index (NSF-WQI)
Akshatha K. N.

Air Quality Index in Mysore City, Karnataka State, India
S. P. Hosmani

Effect of the Khan River Water on Chlorophyll Content, Carotenoids and Enzyme Activities of Ipomoea fistulosa and Polygonum barbatum
Nidhi Bajpai, Jaishree Sikka and Reena Sharma

Biokinetic Effect of Hydraulic Retention Time on Dairy Wastewater Using Anaerobic Biofilm Reactor
M. S. Sivakumar and B. Asha

A Comparative Study of Microbial Load in Government, Private and Charitable Hospitals in Akola City
Vijay Nanoty and Anupama Banole

Quantitative and Qualitative Distribution of Bacteria in Vermicompost Produced by Different Organic Wastes
Deveshwari Singh and Seema Bhadauria

Effect of Tricyclazole on the Growth and Metabolism of Zea mays
V. S. Avinash

Heavy Metal Content in Drinking Water of Lakhimpur District of Assam with Reference to Health Hazard
Sabitri Saikia Kakati

Study of Methyl Parathion Degradation by Arthrobacter globiformis Ad26 Isolated from Soil
Vinit Patkar and K. Aruna


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