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Volume 10, Issue No. 2, Jun 2011

Sequencing Batch Reactor as an Efficient Alternative to Wastewater Treatment– A Model From Pharmaceutical Industries
R. S. Shiva Prasad, A. Balasubramanian and B. Suresh

Experimental Behaviour of Concrete with Waste Tyre Rubber as Coarse Aggregate
T. Senthil Vadivel and R. Thenmozhi

Chemotactic Behaviour of Campylobacter Strains as Function of Different Temperatures of 37°C and 42°C
M. Baserisalehi and N. Bahador

Equilibrium Modelling of Simultaneous Biosorption of Chromium (VI) and Nickel (II) onto Dried Fungal Biomass
Kshama A. Shroff and Varsha K. Vaidya

Adsorption of Reactive Dyes Remazol Red F-3B and Remazol Blue from Aqueous Solution by Coconut Coir Activated Carbon
Malay Chaudhuri, Emad S. Elmolla and Rashidah Bt. Othman

Extraction of Nickel from Spent Catalyst Using EDTA as Chelating Agent
Rachit Oza, Nikhil Shah and Sanjay Patel

Effects of Atrazine Toxin on Levels of LH, FSH and Testosterone Hormones in Adult Male Rat
Mokhtar Mokhtari, Esfandiyar Sharifi and Amrolla Soltani

Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Irrigational Use in Cumbum Valley, Madurai District, Tamilnadu, India
S. Venkateswaran, M. Vijay Prabhu, M. Mohammed Rafi and K. L. K. Vallel

Assessment of Relationship Between Raw Coal and Effluent Quality of Zarand Washery Plant, Kerman Province, South East of Iran
Seyed Morteza Moosavirad, M. Shankara and M. R. Janardhana

Feeding Habitats of Mosquito Larvae and Their Gut Flora at Mysore
V. Charles, V. A. Vijayan, A. Ali Ashraf and S. P. Hosmani

Efficacy of Electrocoagulation in Treatment of Textile Wastewater Containing Basic Red Dye Using Iron Electrodes
Shilpi Sharma, Sanjay Mathur and Rahul Sharma

Evaluation of Nickel Toxicity in Freshwater Snail, Pila globosa (Swainson) in Relation to Body Size
M. Haranadha Reddy, M. Venkata Reddy and K. Radhakrishnaiah

Effect of Some Pesticides on Fungal Biomass of Agricultural Soil
M. S. Rakesh Sharma, C. Roopavathi and N. S. Raju

Effect of Occupational Exposure of Pesticides on Health of Farmers of the Agricultural Fields of Sorbhug Area of Lower Assam
Ranjit Hazarika

Role of Women in Prevention of Epidemic Waterborne Diseases Through Training Programmes in Mysore City
Farzaneh Shaikh Khatibi, A. Ramalingam and Sadanand M. Yamakanamardi

Differentiation of Natural Recharging Zones of Groundwater in Watersheds: A Simple Method
Rajesh Reghunath

Landslide Susceptibility Modelling of Aghanashini River Catchment in Western Ghats of Uttara Kannad District, Karnataka, India
K. G. Avinash and K. G. Ashamanjari

Fluoride Contamination in Groundwater from Bhadravati Tehsil, Chandrapur District, Maharashtra
Y. A. Murkute and P. P. Badhan

A Pollutional Profile of Seer Stream in Lower Himalayas
D. K. Gautam and M. R. Sharma

Water Quality Index of River Wan at Upstream
V. S. Rajamanya, Vekanteswar Reddy, B. I. Khadakbhavi and S. R. Mise

Water Quality Assessment of Tambraparni River at Kowad, Kolhapur District, Maharashtra
A. M. Hiramani and B. N. Sunkad

Fungal Biodiversity in Seeds of Some Cereals of Nashik District, and Its Pathogenicity and Control Measures
D. N. Khairnar, A. S. Kelhe and A. B. Khairnar

Isolation and Characterization of a-Amylase Producing Bacillus subtilis
S. M. Lokhande

Bio-Medical Waste Management – A Case Study of Bhopal City
Vandana Jain, V. K. Sharma, Arvind Kumar and Sanjeev Jain

Assessment of Drinking Water Quality in Bangalore South Central Zone, Karnataka, India
Abdul Khayum, N. Nandini, R. Durgesh and Pavithra S. Reddy

Studies on Land Use, Land Cover and Soil Texture of Harve Watershed, Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka, Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
D. Nagaraju, C. Papanna, G. Mahadevaswamy, H. T. Lakshmikanth Raju, P. C. Nagesh and Krishna Rao

Ecological Status of River Daha in North Bihar and its Effects on Fish Diversity
Reeta Kumari, R. N. Pathak, P. Rani

Presence of Algae and Dissolved Oxygen Production in Seer Stream
D. K. Gautam and M. R. Sharma

Allelopathic Effects of the Plant Grangia maderaspatena Forsk. on Seed Germination of Three Varieties of Rice
P. D. Sidhimol, C. T. Anitha and T. P. Praseedha

Screening of Biosurfactant Producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Petroleum Contaminated Sites of Akola City
Prasad M. Deshmukh

Studies on Environmental Monitoring of Pathogenic Bacterial Flora of Hospital Air and Threat of Antibiotic Resistance
H. S. Malpani and V. D. Nanoty

Net Carbon Dioxide Assimilation Rate, Stomatal Conductance, Intercellular Carbon and Carbon Isotope Discrimination in Eight Cultivars of Rice Treated With Fungicide Baan
B. Sapna, M. K. Mahesh and Shankar P. Hosmani

Antibacterial and Cholesterol Reducing Lactic Acid Bacteria from Silk Worm (Bombyx mori) Gut Environment – A Review
P. Mirlekar Bhalchandra and G. R. Pathade


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