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Volume 7, Issue No. 1, Mar 2008

Studies on degradation of chlorobenzene by immobilized crude extract of Nocardia hydrocarbonoxydans
R. Manikandan, H. J. Prabhu and P. Sivashanmugam

Synthetic dye decolourisation by white rot fungus, Trametes cingulata
Poonam Dayaram and Debjani Dasgupta

Short term assessment of influence of hydrogeochemistry on methane emission from two contrasting tropical wetlands of central Gujarat, India
Nirmal Kumar J. I. and Shailendra V. Viyol

Survey of Pesticide Residues in Soils around Mysore City
Mohammad Nasser Modoodi and S. L. Belagali

Studies on ground water quality of Patan city, north Gujarat, India
J. R. Prajapati and B.V. Raol

Pollution aspects of emissions from small two-stroke automobile engines
K. D. Sapate and A. N. Tikekar

Studies on treatment of synthetic rubber manufacturing industry effluent by isolated Pseudomonas species
Y. C. Attar, S. Bhonsale, S. R. Patil, M. Y. Marathe, S. P. Mutagi, S. V. Kulkarni and N. U. Khamkar

Limnological studies of the perennial waterbody, Attigre tank, Kolhapur dist., Maharashtra
Milind S. Hujare

Physico-chemical characterization and microbial identification of commercial drinking water in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
C. M. Noorjahan

Potability Status of Groundwater in Malegaon Village of Nanded District, Maharashtra
P. N. Wavde* and Parveen R. Shaikh

Impact of pollution on the quality of water in three freshwater lakes of suburban Chennai
R. Raveen, C. Chennakrishnan and A. Stephen

Biochemical changes in the fish Cirrhinus mrigala after acute and chronic exposure of heavy metals
M. P. Bhilave, D. V. Muley and V. Y. Deshpande

Physico-chemical characteristics of River Rapti nearby industrial areas of Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Vivek Mani Tripathi, D. D. Tewari, H. D. Tiwari, Sheela Tiwari and M.P. Uppadhya

Effect of a common water purifier potash alum on drinking water quality and human health
S. D. Ahirrao

Study and conservation of host food plants of Muga silkworm, Antheraea assamensis (Helfer) of Assam
Ramesh Nath, Sanjeeb Kumar Nath and Dipali Devi

Identification of pollution potential along Cauvery basin by satellite images
G. Shyamala, K. P. Shivanand and S. Suresh Babu

Studies on organic pollution based on physico-chemical and phycological characteristics of some temple ponds of Ernakulam, Kerala, India
L. Jose, Sanjo Cine Mathew and Sreekumar S. Menon

Status and implications of noise pollution in temples of Tamil Nadu-Srirangam temple
R. Ramanathan and R. Renuka

Biodegradation studies on the selected bacterial strains isolated from hospital discharge
K. Sahu, Sangeeta Kumari and Shruti Shukla

Socioeconomic condition of fishermen and its effect on environment: A case study of Ganjam district, Orissa
Lakshman Nayak and Ajit Kumar Mishra

Adsorption of zinc metal from paper mills wastewater by activated carbon prepared from Shorea robusta leaf litter
S. N. Dash and P. Satya Sagar

Earthern pot culture method to check the stability of marine Azotobacter in the soils by assessing growth of green gram
A. Karthick and V. S. Jayashree

Weed flora of low land rice fields of Lakhimpur district, Assam and its economic significance
Rupa Phukan and S. N. Phukan

Decolourisation of textile dye, Rem-red by Micromonospora species
U. N. Jadhav, P. R. Thorat and A. M. Deshmukh

Quality of drinking water in and around Thiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu
A. Loganayagi, S. Damodarkumar and S. Murugesan

Differential response of Cyanobacteria to an organo-phosphate pesticide, Rogor (Dimethoate 30 EC)
Mihir Kumar Das

An aeromycological survey over groundnut field
M.C. Rajalakshmi and P. Shakila

Seasonal variations of the Sulur pond at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India
B. Dhanalakshmi, M. Lekeshmanswamy and K. Varunprasad

Ecological rehabilitation of coal mined land of Kalakote range, Rajouri (J&K), India
Jagbir Singh and Shashi Kant

Mortality and behavioural change of Lepidocephalichthys guntea (Ham.) after exposure to Monocrotophos (Monocil)
S. Marandi and D. N. Sadhu

Fish fauna of Mod Sagar reservoir of Jhabua district, M.P.
N. K. Dhakad, Deepak Shinde and Preeti Choudhary

A case study to purify biogas using simple water scrubbing method as source of energy for rural development in India
S. D. Yadav, Bimlesh Kumar and S. S. Thipse

Rain water harvesting for sustainable development
P. Srinivas and C. Sarala

Climbers, lianas and epiphytes of Ramnagar wildlife sanctuary
Sukriti Sharma and Shashi Kant

Environmental implications of dam building activities in India
A. S. Jethoo


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