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Volume 7, Issue No. 2, Jun 2008

Groundwater quality and its suitability for drinking after Tsunami in coastal belt of Kanyakumari to Colachel, Tamil Nadu, India
S. Bhagavathi Perumal and P. Thamarai

Environmental degradation of Mallathalli Lake in Bangalore district, India - A case study
C. Bindiya, Ashok D. Hanjagi, N. Nandini and Aboud S. Jumbe

Aluminium extraction by means of dihydroximate of iminodiacetic acid derivative of chitosan
P. N. Mathur, S. Loonker, A. Sharma and N. Rehdu

Assessing heavy metal hyper-accumulation and mobility in selected vegetable crops: A case study of organic farm, Gujarat, India
J.I. Nirmal Kumar, Hiren Soni, Rita N. Kumar and Ira Bhatt

A survey of school students’ knowledge and attitude about the global warming
Animesh K. Mohapatra and Reena Mohapatra

Start-up performance of anaerobic filter (AF) reactor treating poultry slaughter house wastewater
R. Rajakumar and T. Meenambal

Influence of some metals on growth of two anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria
Ramchander Merugu, M.S.K. Prasad, S. Girisham and S.M. Reddy

Survey of avifauna of Borivali mangroves along the coast of Mumbai
Rahul R. Chauhan, H. U. Shingadia and Veena Sakthivel

Hydrochemical evaluation of the groundwater quality in Chennai city
S. Damodhar Kumar, A. Loganayagi and S. Murugesan

Analysis and impact of fluoride and iodide from major drinking water reservoirs in Nanded district
R. G. Pawale, P. N. Wavde and R. P. Mali

Study of the groundwater quality contaminated with sugar mill effluent
R. N. Upadhyay, Vimal C. Pandey, D. D. Tewari, S. C. Verma and Kaveash Pandey

Seasonal variations of phytoplankton in the freshwater tank of Talsande, Maharashtra
Milind S. Hujare

Ambient air interactions between particulate matter and gases of combustion
Siddharth K. Sharma and A. B. Gupta

Seasonal variations in drinking water quality of some borewell waters in urban area of Kolhapur city
H. V. Vyas and V. A. Sawant

Prevention of air pollution by using silica fume as cementitious material
P. Muthupriya, B.G. Vishnuram and K. Subramanian

Land use planning through land evaluation of a water-shed using remote sensing and GIS techniques
P. Srinivas and C. Sarala

Effect of stone crusher dust on leaves of Melia azedarach Linn. and Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. in Jammu (J&K)
Anil K. Raina, Vikram Rathore and Arti Sharma

Status of the groundwater quality in Kuniamuthur and Madukkarai areas of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
K. Jothivenkatachalam and K. Suresh

NGOs and their role in involvement of women in conservation of lakes in Mysore city, Karnataka
Farzaneh Shaikh Khatibi, Sadanand M. Yamakanamardi and M. Indira

Groundwater quality of Tulsipur town at Indo-Nepal border
D. K. Mishra and A. K. Srivastava

Effects of salinity on the toxicity of copper and zinc to the fish Therapon jarbua (Forsskal)
Asha J. Rao and Vijayalaksmi R. Nair

Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms for describing lead (II) adsorption on pretreated macrofungus (Agaricus bisporus)
D. Charumathi, R. Vimala and Nilanjana Das

A report on the pollution algae from the Thrissur Kol wetlands (part of Vembanad Kol, Ramsar site), Kerala
P. P. Tessy and R. Sreekumar

Comparative study of effect of the unused petrol and used (oil mixed) petrol on soil macronutrients, C\N ratio of soil and certain antioxidant levels of two leguminous plants
M. Arul Nangai

Preliminary study on selected parameters of Tumkur city sewage
K. S. Kumara and S. L. Belagali

Fly ash - A substitute of fine aggregate in concrete
Jino John, Sunilaa George, P.N. Magudeswaran

Water quality index of groundwaters near industrial areas of Balrampur, U.P.
G. B. Chaturvedi, B. B. Mishra and D. D. Tewari

Treatment of wastewater from dairy industry by root zone method
G. Manjula and P. N. Magudeswaran

Physico-chemical and microbial characteristics of Krishna river water in Satara district
U. V. Mane and A. M. Deshmukh

Effect of heavy metal contaminated maize on mammalian system
Saurov Sett, Debarati Bhattacharjee, Ronita Mookerji, Tasfia Rakib, K. Sarkar and A. K. Mitra

Studies on the growth of some fodder and fuel trees under association with different shrubs and grasses
R. Y. Kulkarni and D. V. Dev

Length-weight and allometric relationship in Chicoreus virgineus and Muricanthus virgineus (Gastropoda: Muricidae) distributed in Cuddalore coast of Bay of Bengal
C. Stella and C. Raghunathan

Amb river diversion for extracting the coal in Umrer area, Nagpur district - A case study
P. Srinivas and A. Sreenivasulu

Floristic studies of aquatic and semiaquatic angiosperms of Ratu Maharaja pond, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Sudhir Kumar Verma and Pramod Kumar Pandey

Ecological investigations of Daha river of Ssiwan, Bihar
Reeta Kumari and P. Rani


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