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Volume 7, Issue No. 3, Sep 2008

Status of Groundwater Quality of Lalsot Urban Area in Dausa District, Rajasthan
R. N. Prasad, Ram Chandra and K. K. Tiwari

Performance Evaluation of Common Effluent Treatment Plant for Tanneries at Vaniyambadi, Vellore, Tamil Nadu
V. Vinodhini and Nilanjana Das

Adsorption of Iron (II) from Aqueous Solution Using Ricinus communis Pericarp Carbon as an Adsorbent
S. Madhavakrishnan, K. Manickavasagam, Y. Sameena, K. Selvam, K. Kairvelu and S. Pattabhi

Effect of Cadmium on the Histology of Hepatopancreas and Foot of the Freshwater Mussel Lamellidens marginalis (Lam.)
M. Venkata Chandrudu and K. Radhakrishnaiah

Growth Responses of Lens esculenta Under Petroleum Contaminated Soil in Field and Pot Experiments
Sharmila Upadhyaya, Shipra Shukla, Seema Bhadauria

Ocimum sanctum (Tulasi) as Corrosion Inhibitor on Mild Steel in Hydrochloric Acid
M. Shyamala and A. Arulanantham

Geochemical Studies of Groundwater Present in Upper Thirumanimuthar Sub-basin, Tamil Nadu, India
B. Gurugnanam, M. Suganya, M. Suresh and K. Dharanirajan

N-Alkane Distribution in Surficial Sediments from the Aden City Coast, Yemen
Nabil, A. AL-Shwafi

Prospects of Genetic Transformation Techniques in Culture of Marine Molluscs in India
S. A. Mohite, A. S. Mohite and N. V. Pawar

Spatial Variation in Primary Productivity of River Damodar at Jharia (Jharkhand) and Raniganj (West Bengal), India
Somnath Goswami and T. K. Saha

Antibacterial Activity of Paddy Fields Cyanobacteria
B. Digamber Rao, D. Srinivas, O. Padmaja and G. Dayakar

Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on Drinking Water Quality: A Case Study in Raniganj Coalfield Area (W. B.)
Chinmoy Chatterjee and Alokkumar De

Studies on Air Spora of Vegetable Market at Karad, Maharashtra
K. R. Hogale and B. D. Patil

Tolerance of Certain Pesticides by Two Nitrogen Fixing Anoxygenic Phototrophic Bacteria
Ramchander Merugu, M.S.K. Prasad, S. Girisham* and S.M. Reddy

Evidence of Translocation of Endophytic Human Pathogens in Tomato (Licopersicon esculentum) Grown Via Geophonics
S. D. Chavan, N.S. Kulkarni and M. Musaddiq

Replacement of River Sand Using Manufactured Sand and Quarry Dust in Cement Concrete
Sunilaa George, Jino John, P.N. Magudeswaran and R. Thenmozhi

A Study on Biocomposting of Concentrated Distillery Spent Wash
D. S. Mali and S. V. Ranade

Selective Characterization and Impact Analysis of Liquid Paper Industry Effluent
P.V. S. Machiraju, Y. L. N. Murthy, V. Srinivasa Rao

Physico-Chemical Studies of the Waterbodies in and Around Shivkhori Area, Jammu Himalaya, in Relation to Geology of the Area
Amita Fotedar, R.K. Verma and B.K. Fotedar

Study of Water Quality in Kor River, West Southern of Iran
E. Asrari, M. Madadi and M. Masoudi

Removal of Colour from Tannery Dye Wastewater Using Ozone
A. S. S. Sekar

Effective Treatment Methods of COD and TDS from Dyeing Industry Effluent
M. Vasanthy, S. Murugavel and A. Geetha

Pollutional Potency of the Insecticide, Bayrusil with Respect to Mortality and Behaviour of Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch)
Vijaya Lakshmi, Md. Noor Alam and Sukant Sadhu

Effect of the Pesticide, Malathion on Non-target Organism, Earthworm Lampito mauritii
P.N. Sudha, D. Manley Backyavathy and K. Sudhakar

Quality of Rain Water Harvested at Roof Level and in Some Ponds of Ajmer District, Rajasthan
Rashmi Sharma

Present Status of Holothurians (Echinodermata) in Palk Bay and Gulf of Mannar A Case Study
C. Raghunathan

Effect of Different Sites and Dates of Sample Collection on Nitrogen Content in Chlorophytum tuberosum Leaves and Tubers
anjay Thakur and Avinash Tiwari

Potability Studies of Drinking Water in Villages of Aundha, Hingoli District, Maharashtra, India
R. G. Pawale, P. N. Wavde and S. N. Kalyankar

A Preliminary Report on the Physico-chemical Nature of Water Pollution in and Around Erode Town, Tamil Nadu
G. Shyamala, K. P. Shivanand and S. Suresh Babu

Physico-chemical Properties of Soil of Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Nagaon, Assam
Sanjeeb Kumar Nath and S. K. Sarma

Impact of Sugar Factory Wastewater on Chlorophyll Content, Carbohydrate and Biomass Production of Triticum aestivum Var. Malvia-212
G. C. Yadav and S. R. Yadav

Determination of Heavy Metals from Bauhinia variegata Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Technique
Nikita K. Bhandarkar, M. B. Kekare, Parikshit Champanerkar and Vikas V. Vaidya

Ethno-Veterinary Herbal Practice in Kalakote Range, Rajouri (J&K), India
Jagbir Singh Jamwal and Shashi Kant


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