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Volume 9, Issue No. 3, Sep 2010

Adsorption of basic dye (Rhodamine B) by a low cost activated carbon from agricultural solid waste: Leucaena leucocephala seed shell waste
S. Karthikeyan and A. Babu Rajendran

Modulatory action of vitamin C on the genotoxicity of an anti cancer drug (etoposide) tested in the wing spot of Drosophila
Kshyama Singh and Suresh Chandra Patnaik

Depleting population of herbs and creepers used as traditional medicine by the Assamese community of Lakhimpur district, Assam
S. N. Phukan and Rupa Phukan

Investigation on suitability of spent fire bricks (SFB) in concrete
R. Srinivasan and S. Keerthinarayana

Effect of different pollutants on arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) colonization, nodulation and growth of five legume plants
Pavan Kumar Pindi

New Analytical Technique for the Determination of Mercury (II) by Extraction Spectrophotometric Method with Potassium Benzyl Xanthate in Sewage Wastes and Spiked Water Samples
B. Sreenivasa Rao

Effects of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Dorema aucheri on Pituitary-Gonad Axis Hormones in Adult Male Rats
S. Khatamsaz, F. Azarnioshan and H. Sadeghi

Adsorption of Congo Red from Aqueous Solution by A Low-cost Novel Adsorbent Derived from the Inflorescence of Palmyra (Borassus flabellifer L.) Male Flowers
P. E. Kumar and V. Perumal

Impact of Industrial Wastewaters on the Physicochemical Characteristics of Chambal River at Nagda, M. P., India
P.B. Reddy and B.S. Baghel

Protection of Rebar Concrete by Means of Inhibitor Admixture
B. Kameshwari

Groundwater Pollution Due to Urbanization and Industrialization in Tumkur District, Karnataka, India
M. S. Rudresha, R. Jeevan Kumar, Fakruddin and Basavaraju

Groundwater Resource Assessment in Kushavathi Watershed, Chickballapur District, Karnataka, India
T. M. Mohan Kumar, M. Inayathulla and P. S. Nagaraja

Application of Ecofriendly Natural Dye on Cotton Obtained from the Stem of Achras sapota Using Combination of Mordants
M. Kumaresan, P. N. Palanisamy and P. E. Kumar

Geospatial Modelling of Groundwater Fluctuation Using Remote Sensing and GIS - A Case Study for Hosur Union
L. Yeshodha, T. Meenambal, H. N. Rajakumara and S. Arunachalam

Removal of Sulphur Dioxide from Exhaust Sulphurous Flue Gases at Shree Cement Ltd., Beawar for Environment Cleaning
Rashmi Sharma, Shveta Acharya and Arun Kumar Sharma

Biotransformation of Yellow 4G and Orange 2R Textile Dyes by Acclimatized Aerobic Bacteria
P. R. Thorat and R. V. Kale

Incidence of Antibiotic Resistance Transfer Among Escherichia coli from Hospital Environment
P. Ranjitha and E. S. Karthy

Coal Bed Methane Exploration: A Journey from Alternative Energy Option to the Environment Polluting Agent
Abhay M. Varade and Tushar Meshram

Comparison of Decolorization by Kaolin Zettlitz with Common Adsorbents in Textile Wastewater
Elham Asrari, Tavallali Hossein and H. Ravanroy Mohammad

Sustainability of Traditional Drinking Water Sources in Himachal Pradesh
Hari Pal Singh, M. R. Sharma, Quamural Hassan and Naved Ahsan

Biochemical Effects of Cadmium on the Liver of Catfish, Mystus tengara (Ham.)
P. B. Reddy, B. S. Baghel and Sapna Srivastava

Edible Potential of Wild Mushroom Astraeus hygromatricus (Pers.) Morg.
Neelu Singh

Hydrobiologocial Studies of Foy Sagar Lake, Ajmer
Lalita Sukhija

Quality Assesment of Groundwaters Using Principal Component Analysis in Mianpur Area, Hyderabad, India
Ishrath, G. Prabhakar and M. Raghavender

Diurnal Changes of Some Physicochemical Characteristics in Reservoir Thodga, Ahmedpur, Distt. Latur, Maharashtra
P. V. Patil and A. N. Kulkarni

Evalution of Water Quality Index at Goalpara Town and its Surrounding Areas in Assam, India
A. K. Talukdar, S. Deka and Abul Hussain

Evaluation of Lead Genotoxicity by Micronuclei Assay in Occupationally Lead Exposed Population
N. Chandrashekhar Reddy, K. Rudrama Devi and Anjana Viz

Sustainability Initiatives That Can be Taken Up by Cement Companies
Papiya Deb and Madhav. N. Welling

Distillery Effluent Induced Changes in BOD and COD of Narmada River Water at Khedighat, Barwaha, M.P.
M. M. Prakash, R. Yodha and S. Gaherwal

Toxic Effects of Some Pesticides on Fingerlings of a Carp, Labeo rohita
Md. Noor Alam, Vijaya Lakshmi and Sanjit Kumar Mishra

Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Effluent by Biomass of Aspergillus flavus
P. S. Raut and P. P. Wani

Assessment of Air Pollution in Shivamogga City, Karnataka
Adamsab. M. Patel and Hina Kousar

The Impact of Distillery Effluent on Germination and Growth Parameters of Vigna sinensis L.
D. Sheela and P. S. Anila

Mycoflora Association With the Decomposition of Leaf Litter of Three Endangered Plant Species in Deciduous Forest of North Sahyadri, Nashik District
D.N. Khairnar


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