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Volume 7, Issue No. 4, Dec 2008

Interpretation of Ambient Air Quality and Air Quality Parameters in Jaipur city - A case study
Sheetal Agarwal, B. L. Swami and A. B. Gupta

Lambda Cyhalothrin Induced Changes in Protein Metabolism of Various Tissues in Freshwater Catfish Clarias batrachus
R. Saravanan

GIS Based Groundwater Quality Assessment of Vattamalaikarai Basin, Tamil Nadu, India
G. Vennila, T. Subramani and L. Elango

Determination of Pesticide Residues in Some Agricultural Water Samples by Gas Chromatography
Mohammad Nasser Modoodi and S. L. Belagali

Phosphate Solubilisation by Four Anoxygenic Phototrophic Bacteria Isolated From Leather Industry Effluents
Ramchander Merugu, M. S. K. Prasad, D. Vasavi, S. Girisham and S. M. Reddy

Removal of Heavy Metal Cadmium from Industrial Wastewater Using Chitosan Coated Coconut Charcoal
P.N. Sudha and S. Celine

Effect of Seasonal Variation on Some Heavy Metal Contents of a Medicinal Plant Swertia densiflora (Griscb.) Kashyap Using Icp-oes Technique
Sunita Shailajan and Smruti Shah

Acute Toxic Effects of Parathion on Leucocytes of an Air Breathing Fish Clarias batrachus
Shiv Kumar Yadav, Pratibha Kumari and D. K. Paul

Studies on Oceanic Zooplankton in the Continental Slope of Andaman Waters of Bay of Bengal
C. Raghunathan

Zooplankton Community in A Through Flow System of Kashmir Himalayan Wetland
Aijaz R. Mir, A. Wanganeo, A. R . Yousuf and R. Wanganeo

Study of Water Quality in and Around Vriddhachalam in Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu
V. Karunakaran, A. Ramalingam and R. Ramanathan

Municipal Solid Waste Management in Ajmer City, Rajasthan: An Overview
Rashmi Sharma

Study of Dust Pollution Caused by Traffic in Thiruvanmiyur Area of Chennai City
Mazher Sultana, K. Sakunthala and S. S. Jayaraj

Biosorption of Lead (II) from Aquatic Environment by a Macrofungus (Agaricus bisporus)
R. Vimala and Nilanjana Das

Effect of Influent Concentration on Biodegradation of Phenol Using Packed Bed Reactor
P. S. Sagar, S. N. Dash and A. Prasad

Potential Plant Wealth of Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Nagaon, Assam
Sanjeeb Kr. Nath and S. K. Sarma

Evaluation of Quality Indices for the Groundwaters of an Industrial Area in Bangalore, India
B. S. Shankar and N. Balasubramanya

A Study of the Fluoride Contamination in Groundwaters of Masooda Tehsil of Ajmer District, Rajasthan
Aarti Sharma and Bharti Prakash

Investigation of Impact of Distillery Spentwash on Soil Characteristics
S. Chandraju, H. C. Basavaraju and C. S. Chidankumar

Water Quality of Traditional Drinking Water Sources in Outer Himalayas - A Case Study of Hamirpur District, H.P.
M. R. Sharma

Removal of a Reactive Dye (Red RB) by the Bacterial Species Isolated from Dyeing Industry Effluents
M. Vasanthy, A. Geetha and G. Seethadevi

Assessment of Water Quality in Kalpakkam Region, Tamil Nadu
C. Sivakumar and L. Elango

A Study on the Coastal Protection System Against Erosion of Bay of Bengal in North Chennai Coast, Tamil Nadu
P. Srinivas* and A. Sreenivasulu

The Study of Phytoplankton Dynamics in Two Lakes of Mysore, Karnataka State, India
B. M. Sudeep, S. Srikantaswamy and Shankar P. Hosmani

Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Lantana camara on II-Instar Stage of Development of Anopheles, Aedes and Culex Mosquito Larvae
S. Venu, S. Dawood Sharief and K. Vinoth Kumar

Water Quality Index (WQI) Analysis of the Salinity-Affected Villages from Purna River Basin of Vidarbha Region
D. H. Tambekar, S. M. Waghode, S. G. Ingole and S. R. Gulhane

Lithological Studies and Types of Soils Along Coastal Area of Kanyakumari to Colachel Coastal Belt, South Tamil Nadu, India
S. Bhagavathi Perumal and P. Thamarai

Ecological Status of Some Floodplain Lakes Within Jhelum River basin, Kashmir
Adnan Abubakr and M. R. D. Kundangar

Studies on Physicochemical Status of Two Ponds at Patna in Relation To Growth of Fishes
S. K. Gupta, N. P. Tiwari and Md. Noor Alam

Study on Removal of Chromium (VI) From Aqueous Solution Using Sulphonated Black Rice Husk Ash and Sulphonated White Rice Husk Ash
S. Santha Lakshmi, M. Gayathri and P.N. Sudha

Assessment of Physicochemical Characteristics of Liquid Effluent from Agro Oil Industry and its Applications
P. V. S. Machiraju, V. Srinivasa Rao and Y. L. N. Murthy

Studies on Metallic Salt Intoxication on Blood Parameters of Two Fishes, Channa gachua and Channa reba
Bijay Bhushan Prasad, M. K. Roy and A. P. Sinha

Treatment of Grey Water By Modified Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC)
S. Syed Enayathali and V. Gopalasamy

Short Term Experiments on Farm Survivility of Earthworms in Tea Garden Due to Effect of a Pesticide Liqnik
Aliva Patnaik

Growth Response of Salmonella Species and E. coli to Different Metal Ions
N. S. Kulkarni, D. D. Walke, R. R. Pachori and Shiva Aithal

Adsorptive Removal of Copper from Aqueous Solution onto Raw Rice Husk: Kinetics and Isotherms
R. Gandhimathi, S. T. Ramesh and E. Arun Praveeth


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