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Submission of manuscript for publication

The manuscript in soft copy can be submitted online through our website ( in a single WORD Format File. The manuscripts can also be submitted by e-mail ( as an attachment file. The manuscripts in duplicate along with a soft copy in CD can also be submitted to either of the editors, However, papers related to pollution can be submitted preferably to Dr. P. K. Goel at journal’s office address for rapid processing. Soft copies with scanned text are not accepted.

The manuscripts should have an e-mail address and telephone number on the first page. All further correspondence shall be made through e-mail only.

Review Procedure

When a manuscript is submitted to the journal, it is initially inspected for its subject relevance, linguistics and quality, and is primarily accepted for consideration for publication or rejected based on that. Once it is considered for publication, it is given a manuscript number and assigned to one of the editors of the journal. The editor reviews the manuscript and may either ask for some modifications from the authors, or reject it on scientific grounds or if the material is not suitable for printing in the journal. If the editor finds the need for the manuscript to be reviewed by an expert external reviewer, he may send the manuscript for an external review. All the manuscripts are reviewed by the editors, editorial board members and qualified external reviewers only. A single-blind review process, where authors’ identities are known to reviewers is followed by the journal.

Publication Charges

The authors have to pay publication charges, which will be intimated to them after acceptance of the paper.

The authors are not required to become members of the journal for publication of papers. Hence, no membership or any other remittance should be sent while sending the manuscript.
Editorial: All editorial correspondence regarding the manuscripts should be made with the editor to whom the paper has been submitted.
Business: All business correspondence regarding subscription, non-receipt of the issues etc. should be made with the Publishers, M/s Technoscience Publications at Karad.
Format of manuscript
  • The first page of the manuscript should have Title of the paper, name of authors, addresses with postal code, e-mail address, telephone number, and Corresponding author.
  • The manuscript (mss) should be typed in double space on a white paper leaving wide margins on both the sides. 
  • The text of the paper should run into Abstract, Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgement (if any) and References, or other suitable headings in case of reviews and theoretically oriented papers. However, all short communications can be submitted in running with a brief Abstract.
  • The figures should be drawn preferably by computer or on a good quality tracing paper with black ink providing the legends on separate page. Photographs should be provided on glossy sheets. 
  • The Tables  should  be  typed  on  separate  sheets  bearing  a  short  title.
  •  All units must be in SI System of units. Mathematical symbols and equations can also be written neatly by hand in the mss. The References in the text should be cited by surname and year. In case of more than one reference of the same author in the same year, add suffix a, b,  c.  to the year. Examples: Thomas 1969, Moss 1973a, 1973b, Madony et  al. 1990, Abbasi & Soni 1991

The references, cited in the text, should be given alphabetically by authors' surname in  the following manner.

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