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Volume 15, Issue No. 3, Sep 2016

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Concentration and Chemical Speciation of Metals in Sediments from Upstream of the Pearl River, China
Silin Yang, Ning Zhao, Dawei Wang, Liqiong Tang, Rong Wei and Bin Yang
Evaluation of Heavy Metals Content of Water Bodies at Two Industrial Communities of Eleme and Ewekoro, Southern Nigeria
Ejiofor U. Emmanuel, Omeh Y. Ndukaku and Ebhohon S. Onagbonfeoana
A Conceptual Review of Green Buildings in India: Importance and Need
Ruchi Gautam and Sachita Passi Sabharwal
Distributions of Water Droplet Penetration time and Soil Properties Under Point Source Trickle Irrigation Using Treated Wastewater
Yi Li and Yanling Shang
Phytoextraction and Bioconcentration of Heavy Metals by Spinacia oleracea Grown in Paper Mill Effluent Irrigated Soil
Rachit Kashyap, K. S. Verma, Meena Thakur, Yashveer Verma and Shreya Handa
Decolorization of Simulated Textile Effluent by Phanerochaete chrysosporium and Aspergillus fumigatus A23
Darshan Dharajiya, Mitali Shah and Bhakti Bajpai
Effect of Construction Dust on Urban PM2.5 Emission Characteristics: A Case Study of the Main Urban Area of Chongqing, China
Du Yongjie, Ren Hong, Cai Weiguang, Qin Beibei and Ma XianRui
Removal of Cd(II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions onto Modified Sesame Husk
Seyed Mehdi Ghasemi, Hamidreza Ghaffari, Kiomars Sharafi, Abdoliman Amoei and Kamaleddin Karimyan
Modelling Canopy Stomatal Conductance of Hedysarum scoparium and Long-term Prediction in Semiarid Region in China
Jinghao Li, Jifeng Deng, Yongbin Zhou, Guodong Ding, Ruohan Zhang
Biological Properties of Selected Overburdens of Singrauli Coalfields
Priyal Pandey, Mahendra Kumar Verma, Raj Mukhopadhyay, Nirmal De, Resham Dwivedi, N. C. Karmakar, Sumit Pandey and Rakesh Kumar Singh
Agricultural Economy Loss in Yangtze River Basin in China Caused by Water-Environment Pollution
Bo Wang
Research on the Application of a Wet Electrostatic Precipitator in Coal-Fired Power Plant for “Gypsum Rain” Prevention and Treatment
Qizhen Liu, Zhigang Shen and Leixing Tao
Countermeasure Study on Sustainable Utilization of Tourism Resources and Tourism Environmental Pollution in Coastal Areas of the Pearl River Delta, China
Danying Song
Decomposition of Ammonia Nitrogen from Biologically Pretreated Coking Wastewater with Electrochemical Three-dimensional Ti/RuO2/IrO2 Electrodes
Hao Wang, Yang Yang, Xiao Liu, Huiyuan Zhong, Guozhu Bo and Yaozong Zhang
Haze Pollution Control Strategies in China from the Perspective of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction
Mingdang Li
Farmers’ Response and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change in Low-Hills of Himachal Pradesh in India
Nancy Loria and S. K. Bhardwaj
Response of Radial Growth of Pinus armandii to Climate Change in the Qinling Mountains
Huimin Wang, Jiabao Wu , Bingyin Sun, Dingling Zhang and Shuming Liu
Biosorption of Chromium from Fortified Solution Using Biodross
Sumit Pal, Sipra Bahuk, Vimala Y.
Spatial Distribution and Economic Loss Estimation of Heavy Metals in the Soil of Northern Areas of Shanxi Province, China
Wei Yu
Soil Respiration and its Relationship to Environmental Factors in Three Land Uses on the Loess Tableland
Xiaoyang Han, Wenzhao Liu, Fengru Fang and Jie Chen
Spatial Distribution of Haze Pollution in China and Eco-compensation Measures
Yifeng Sun
Geochemical Exploration of Uranium Mineralization in Rock Formations from Central India: A Review on Earlier Reports
Y. A. Murkute and S. P. Joshi
Effect of Ambient Air Pollution on Photosynthetic Pigments of Litchi chinensis near Muzaffarpur Thermal Power Station, Muzaffarpur, Bihar
Rajeev Kumar
Treatment of Synthetic Domestic Wastewater by Integrated Aerobic/Anoxic Bioreactor (IAAB)
E. H. Ezechi, S. R. M. Kutty, M. H. Isa, A. Malakahmad, C.M. Udeh and E. J. Menyechi
Diversity, Identification and Biotyping of Bacillus thuringiensis Strains from Soil Samples in Iran
Elham Moazamian, Nima Bahador , Manoochehr Rasouli and Negar Azarpira
Application of UASB Reactor to Reduce the Concentration of BOD, COD and Phosphate in the Domestic Waste
Syafrudin, G. Samudra, Nur Syarafina and Mochamad Arief Budihardjo
Environmental Profile of a Rubber Industry
Almas Hamid, Iqra Saeed, Sana Akhtar and Sajid Rashid Ahmad
Renatosomatic Index of a Freshwater Fish Intoxicated With Pyrethroid Pesticide
Sanjay Kumar Jigyasu and D. K. Paul
Effect of Different Doses of Sewage Sludge on Soil Health of Black Gram (Vigna mungo) Field in Allahabad Region of India
Ranjit Tiwari, Harsh Bodh Paliwal and A. James
Sources of Arsenic in Groundwater and its Health Significance - A Review
M. Madhukar, B. M. Sadashiva Murthy and T. H. Udayashankara
Adsorption of Bromate in Aqueous Solution by the Modified Activated Carbon
Muqing Qiu, Xiaojie Lou, Meng Tang and Jiangping Song
Study of Cole-Cole Complex Resistivity Model for Chrome-Contaminated Soil
Haorui Liu, Hongxin Ma and Juan Yang
Kinetics Study of Fenton Degradation of Acid Yellow G by Online Spectrometry Technology
Hang Xu, Tianlong Yu, Jianxu Wang, Fengmin Wu and Airong Xu
The Green Historic District Environment Protection and Utilization
Yangluxi Li
Removing TCE and PCE of Groundwater with Iron-Carbon Micro-Electrolysis
Yanjiao Gao, Rui Liu, Xin Zhang and Jing Xiao
The Environmental Pressures and Perspectives of Tourism on Coastal and Insular Zone. The Case of Greece
Sakellariou Stavros, Samara Fani, Tampekis Stergios, Sfoungaris Ioannis and Christopoulou Olga
Performance of Electrochemical Oxidation in Treating Textile Industry Wastewater by Graphite Electrode
Devagi Subramaniam, Azhar A. Halim and Marlia M. Hanafiah
Biomass Allocation in Relation to Stand Age and Density in Natural Larix gmelinii Forests in Cold Temperate China
Quanquan Jia, Chunwang Luo, Qijing Liu, Shengwang Meng, Guang Zhou and Huixia Zhuang
Quality Evaluation of Water from Subsidence Area and Controlling Factor Analysis: Zhuxianzhuang Case Study
Linhua Sun, Xianghong Liu and Chen Cheng
The Evaluation and Spatial Correlation Analysis of Chinese Industrial Environmental Efficiency
Jiashuai Wen, Haiyan Wang and Dongli Zhao
Impact of Control Section and Pollution Source Generalization on Calculation of Water Environment Capacity
Hui Ji and Men Baohui
Simulation of Carbon Emission Scenario for New Town Based on Spatial Quantitative Analysis: A Case Study of Xishan Low Carbon Demonstration Region, China
Luyun Liu, Bohong Zheng and Jian Zheng
Allocation of CO2 Emissions with Zero Sum Gains Data Envelopment Analysis Models
Lei Wen and Er nv Zhang
Study on the Application of CuO/Al2O3 Cordierite Ceramic Honeycomb Catalyst in Cleaning the Flue Gas for NOX
Zhang Lei, Sha Xiang-ling, Zhang Lei, Ma Zhen-hua, He Hui-bin and Liu Xi
Predicting Sediment Load and Runoff in Geo WEPP Environment from Langat Sub Basin, Malaysia
Mohammad Zahirul Haque, SahibinAbd Rahim, Md. Pauzi Abdullah, Ahmad Fuad Embi, Rahmah Elfithri, Tukimat Lihan and Mazlin Mokhtar
Optimization of Plant Species and Chelating Agents in Phytoextraction of Gold from Small-Scale Gold Mine Tailings
Eko Handayanto, Yulia Nuraini and Nurul Muddarisna
Noise Pollution at Major Schools, Colleges and Hospitals in Small Urban Area: Focusing on Jessore Municipality, Bangladesh
Sayka Jahan, Shammi Munni and Gopal Chandra Ghosh
Calculation Method and Example Analysis of Landscape Environmental Water Demand for Medium and Small Rivers in the Northern Cities of China
Kebao Dong, Jing Zhang, Linfei Zhou and Junshi He
The Helminth Fauna Study of European Common Toad in the Volga Basin
Igor V. Chikhlyaev, Alexander B. Ruchin and Alexandr I. Fayzulin
Aerosols Loading Trends and its Environmental Threats Over Cotonou-Benin
Emetere Moses E., Akinyemi M.L. and Akinwumi S.A.
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