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Volume 15, Issue No. 4, Dec 2016

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Evaluation of the Maturity of MSW Second-time Compost and Its Effect on the Growth of Amorpha fruticosa and Festuca arundinacea
Qingnan Yang, Xiaoping Guo, Shuqi Wang and Zuguang Han
Trend and Factor Analysis of Beijing Areas’ Economic Performance under Restrictions of Resource and Environment
Le Yang, Haiyan Wang and Junkang Liu
Effect of Heavy Metals on Some Selected Roadside Plants and its Morphological Study
Jitin Rahul and Manish Kumar Jain
Status of Ground Species Richness, Diversity, Percent Cover and Biomass of Papgani River Basin, a Tributary River of Pennar, Andhra Pradesh, India
Rajendrakumar S.
Combination of Vermicompost Fertilizer, Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Cell Characteristics, Growth and Quality of Agar Seaweed Gracilaria verrucosa
Andi Rahmad Rahim*†, Endang Yuli Herawati, Happy Nursyam and Anik Martinah Hariati
Assessment of Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Fibrous Self-Consolidating Concretes Using Ingredients of Plastic Wastes
N. G. Ozerkan, D. D. G. Tokgoz, O. S. Kowita and S. J. Antony
The Comparison of Different Calculation Methods of Pollution Receiving Capacity for Jilin Province Huifa River
Yao Liwei and Men Baohui
Biofilters in Mitigation of Odour Pollution - A Review
Irfana Showqi, Farooq Ahmad Lone, Moieza Ashraf, Mohammad Aneesul Mehmood and Asmat Rashid
Arsenic Groundwater Remediation in South Asia and the Visionary Technologies for the Future
Sukanchan Palit
Effects of Concentrations of Prorocentrum donghaiense and Oxyrrhis marina on the Feeding Behaviour of Oithona brevicornis
Xinlong An, Xuemei Li and Zhixia Li
Analysis of Dynamic Leaching Test About Heavy Metals in Solidification Body of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Fly Ash
Xinghua He
Effect of Drought Stress on Chlorophyll Content and Anti-oxidant Enzymes of Green Gram Genotypes (Vigna Radiata L.)
B. Rambabu, V. Padma, Ramesh Thatikunta and N. Sunil
Biomarkers Responses of Land Snails Helix aspersa Exposed to Chronic Metal Pollution under Field and Laboratory Conditions
Amira Atailia, Houria Berrebbah, Mounir Boucenna, AmelAlayat, Rima Amamra, Nedjoud Grara and Mohamed Reda Djebar
Dissipation and Persistence of Propaquizafop in Soil, Plant and Rhizomes in Turmeric and its Effect on Soil Properties
T. Ramprakash, M. Madhavi and M. Yakadri
Impact of Mountain Cropping Systems on Groundwater Quality and Soil Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Mid-hills of Himachal Pradesh in India
C. K. Ndungu and S. K. Bhardwaj
Adsorption of Dye in Aqueous Solution by the Waste Polymer Activated Carbon
Li Han, Jiankang Liu, Xiaojie Lou, Muqing Qiu, Jiangping Song and Peng Li
The Strength Deformation and Microstructure Properties of Clay Contaminated by Landfill Leachate
Qian Zhang, Haijun Lu, Yiqie Dong and Jixiang Li
Characterization and Synthesis of Chitosan-Silica Gel and Chitosan-Bentonite Composites for Adsorption of Heavy Metals
Sarita Joshi and R. K. Srivastava
Ligninolytic Enzymes Production and Decolorization Potential of Native Fungi Isolated from Pulp and Paper Mill Sludge
Deepika Rajwar, Sarita Joshi and J.P.N. Rai
Effects of Low Carbon Biofuel Blends with Karanja (Pongamia pinnata) Oil Methyl Ester in a Single Cylinder CI Engine on CO2 Emission and other Performance and Emission Characteristics
S. Thiyagarajan, V. Edwin Geo, Leenus Jesu Martin and B. Nagalingam
Effect of Oxidation on Fuel Characteristics of Palm Oil Biodiesel During Storage
S. Nandi, J. Singh and T.P. Singh
Effect of Ventilation Modes on Production and Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds During Sewage Sludge Composting
Chuang Ma, Pei-pei Su, Ji-Hong Zhao, Hong-Zhong Zhang and Ming-Bao Wei
Preparation of Adsorbent CeO2-TiO2 and Enhanced Adsorptive Removal of Tetracycline
Lingfeng Zhu, Yixue He, Yujie Guo, Xi Chen and Guoting Li
Modelling of the Joint Toxicity of Heavy Metals (Ni2+, Co2+, Cr3+ and Pb2+) on Photobacteria Based on the Factorial Experiment (24)
Meiling Xin, Lan Wang and Yu Li
A Long-term Study of a Lava Rock-based Biofilter for Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Treatment at a Wastewater Treatment Facility
G. T. Kleinheinz† and B. M. Langolf
Vegetation Dynamics in Plantation Sites of Collieries
Anup Kumar, M. K. Jhariya and D. K. Yadav
High Temperature Tolerant Genotypes of Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana L.)
L. N. Yogeesh, A. B. Naryanareddy, Y. A. Nanjareddy and M. V. Channabyre Gowda
Effect of Solution pH on the Kinetic Adsorption of Methylene Blue by Sugarcane Bagasse Biochar Under a Magnetic Field
Xiao Mi, Yujie Guo, Chunyu Zhang, Li Wang, Shen Zhang, Bobo Zou, Zejie Wang and Guoting Li
The Spatio-temporal Changes and Driving Factors of the Wetlands in Madoi, China
Q. G. Liu
Techno-Economic Assessment of Full Scale MBBRs Treating Municipal Wastewater Followed by Different Tertiary Treatment Strategies: A Case Study from India
Nitin Kumar Singh, Pankaj Banyal and Absar Ahmad Kazmi
Avian Diversity: Environmental Health Index of Kurukshetra University
M. B. Sharma, R. K. Sharma and A. K. Goyal
Developing a Conceptual Framework on Ecopreneurs and Sustainability Using ISM and MICMAC Methodology
Nehajoan Panackal, Archana Singh and Adya Sharma
Genomic Biomarker Approaches in Environmental Monitoring Processes - A Review
Rajam Chidambaram
Research on Removing Hydrogen Sulphide Based on Different Types of Activated Carbon
Jihong Zhou, Yamin Wen and Letao Zhang
Quality Assessment and Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of Groundwater from Coal Bearing Aquifer in Sunan Coal Mine, Anhui Province, China
Song Chen and Herong Gui
Feasibility Study of Seaweed (Kapaphycus alvarezii) Mariculture Using Geographic Information System in Hading Bay, East Flores Indonesia
B. Semedi, D. K. da Costa and Mohammad Mahmudi
Different Size Aggregates of Stone Quarry Products and Airborne Particles around a Facility in Akure, Southwestern Nigeria: Radioactivity Concentrations, Radiological Hazard and Dose Assessment
Emmanuel Gbenga Olumayede, Kehinde O Sodeinde, Christopher O Akintade and Bamidele Odunayo Emmanuel, Ayodele Akintoye*** and Olabode Oladunjoye Peter
The Influence of the Coexisting Anions on the Adsorption of Perchlorate from Water by the Modified Orange Peels
Muqing Qiu, Chunxia Hu, Anyu Mei and Xiaojie Lou
Algal Studies in a Polluted Site of Krishna River at Wai, Maharashtra (India)
Bhagyashri U. Jadhav, S. S. Sathe and P. K. Goel
Assessing the Ability of Populus sp. Sawdust in Removal of Heavy Metals Pb(II), Ni(II) and Cr(III) from Wastewaters
Naghi Jadidi and Mohsen Motavassel
Effects of Peat and Mushroom Residues on Removing Ammonia-Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus in Wastewater
Qi Na, Sun Xiangyang, Qin Xinhui and Yu Zhou
Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Biomass and Carbon Storage in Forest Vegetation in Chongqing Based on RS and GIS
Qiannan Liu, Zhiyun Ouyang, Ainong Li and Weihua Xu
Effect of Roadside Forest Belts on Particles Including TSP, PM10, PM2.5, and PM1 under Different Seasons in Beijing, China
Shengzhuo Hua, Xin Cai, Fengbin Sun and Xinxiao Yu
Analysis on Haze Pollution and Legal Regulations in China based on Controlling Industrial Waste Gas Emission
Ting Zhang and Feng Xiao
Factors Influencing PM2.5 and the Governance Strategies in Jiangsu, China
Leiming Fu, Ming Yang and Yifei Chen
Spatial Overflow Effect of Haze Pollution in China and Its Influencing Factors
Kangkang Cheng
Spatial Distribution, Ecological Risk Assessment and Source Identification for Nutrients and Heavy Metals in Surface Sediments from Tangxun Lake, Wuhan, Central China
Shaolin Zhao, Ye Li, Dongbin Liu, Bo Li, Huafeng Xiao, Wei Cheng, Ang Li and Joel Chong
Water-use Efficiency of Typical Afforestation Tree Species in Liaoning, P.R. China and Their Response to Environmental Factors
Jinghao Li, Jifeng Deng, Yongbin Zhou, You Yin, Yawei Wei, Yanli Jing and Ruohan Zhang
Analysis on the Current Status and Regulatory Measures of Water Pollution in the Xiang River Basin of China
Wu Xie
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