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Volume 17, Issue No. 4, Dec 2018

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Total and Soluble Aluminium Concentration and Suspended Particles Size Distribution Impacted by Sulphate and Silica After the NaOH Neutralization of Al-bearing Acid Mine Drainage
Gaolei Zhao, Kaili Wang, Peng Zhang, Ruifeng Liang, Kefeng Li and Xunchi Pu
Methylene Blue Adsorption on Aloe vera Rind Powder: Kinetics, Isotherm and Mechanisms
Megat Ahmad Kamal Megat Hanafiah, Siti Zubaidah Mohd Jamaludin, Khadijah Khalid and Shariff Ibrahim
Effect of Cement Content in Vegetation Concrete on Soil Physico-chemical Properties, Enzyme Activities and Microbial Biomass
Bingqin Zhao, Lu Xia, Dong Xia, Daxiang Liu, Zhenyao Xia, Wennian Xu and Juan Zhao
Copper-Induced Morphological, Physiological and Biochemical Responses in the Cyanobacterium Nostoc muscorum Meg 1
Rabbul Ibne A. Ahad and Mayashree B. Syiem
Cause Analysis of Sudden Water Pollution Accidents Based on Fuzzy Fault Tree: Taking the South-to-North Water Diversion Project in China as an Example
Hongyan Li and Yu Chu
Impact of Climate Change on Precipitation in Zambeze River Basin in Southern Africa
Felix Banze, Jiali Guo and Shi Xiaotao
Comparison of Spatiotemporal Variations and Pearson Correlation Coefficients of PM2.5 between Jiangsu Province and the State of North Carolina
Xiuguo Zou, Shuyue Zhang, Siyu Wang, Yan Qian and Shuaitang Zhang
Spatial Distribution of Heavy Metals in Tropical Coastal Sediment of the Northern Malacca Strait, Malaysia
Hasrizal Shaari, Nur Sakinah Abdul Razak, Wan Mohd Afiq Wan Mohd Khalik, Noor Azhar Mohamed Shazili and Joseph Bidai
Integrated Technologies for Low Cost Environmental Monitoring in the Water Bodies of the Philippines: A Review
Michelle V. Japitana, Eleonor V. Palconit, Alexander T. Demetillo, Marlowe Edgar C. Burce, Evelyn B. Taboada and Michael Lochinvar S. Abundo
Research on the pH of Discharged Acidic Wastewater and its Mathematical Model of Turbulence
Jilong Li, Ran Li and Liqiang Chao
Evaluation of Agricultural Soil Quality in Khandesh Region of Maharashtra, India
S. T. Ingle, S. N. Patil, P. M. Kolhe, N. P. Marathe and N. R. Kachate
Evaluation of Influence Factors in Virtual Water Flow
Xiangchun Guo
Effects of Initial Moisture Content on Phenanthrene Degradation Behaviour During Sludge Composting
Chuang Ma, Fu-yong Liu, Ming-Bao Wei, Jing-jing Du, Nan Liu and Hong-zhong Zhang
Assessment and Evaluation of the Conservative Character of the Calcite Residual Alkalinity in Drain Waters – A Case of Saline Soils Under an Arid Mediterranean Climate
Karim Ouamer-ali, Youcef Daoud and Kaddour Djili
Improved Cold Flow Properties and Combustion Analysis of High Viscous Castor Oil and its Biodiesel in a CI Engine
T. Prakash, V. Edwin Geo, Leenus Jesu Martin and B. Nagalingam
Energy Consumption Status and Energy Efficiency of Transportation Industry: The Case of China
Cheng Zhang and Zhaoyu Yu
Comparative Analysis of Carbon Cloth and Aluminum Electrodes Using Agar Salt-Bridge Based Microbial Fuel Cell for Bioelectricity Generation from Effluent Derived Wastewater
Debajyoti Bose, Amarnath Bose, Deepak Kundani, Deepika Gupta and Himanshu Jain
Geometrical Modelling and Analysis of Automotive Oxidation Catalysis System for Compliance with Environmental Emission Norms
Caneon Kurien and Ajay Kumar Srivastava
CPB Modified Cornstalk Biochar for Enhanced Adsorptive Removal of Acid Orange II
Guoting Li, Huiyuan Li and Qinying Yuan
Evaluation of Urban Water Balance Using Decision Support System of Varanasi City, India
Satya Prakash Maurya, Anurag Ohri and Prabhat Kumar Singh
Relationship Between Environmental Pollution and Industrial Restructuring: Hubei Province in China
Deqiang Geng and Long Wang
Assessment of Saltwater Intrusion and Role of Sea Level Rise (SLR) Along the Coast of Thiruvananthapuram District in Kerala, India
Remya R., Arun Nath R., Akhil T., Suresh Babu D.S. and Ramachandran K.K.
Study on Using Green Plants to Remove Contaminants from Soil Through Phytoremediation
A. A. Alsheikh and M. B. Kirkham
Empirical Study on the Relations between China's Export Trade Development and Environmental Pollution
Liling Zhao
Photodegradation of Methylene Blue Dye in Aqueous Medium by Fe-AC/TiO2 Composite
B. Saritha and M. P. Chockalingam
Application of Electrocoagulation Process for Decolourisation of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)
Shariff Ibrahim, Nur Syuhaidah Mohd Aris, Borhannuddin Ariffin, Yahaya Hawari and Megat Ahmad Kamal Megat Hanafiah
Adsorption Performance of Polyvinyl Alcohol onto Sediments of Yellow River
Yiping Guo, Yujie Guo, Zhao Ye, Lingfeng Zhu and Guoting Li
Kinetic Study and Effect of Coexisting Ions on the Adsorption of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) by Activated Carbon Fibres
Weisheng Chen, Mingzhao Shen, Ahmad Ali Khan and Guoting Li
Environmental Pollution in Construction Sites and Corresponding Green Construction Measures
Yan Shuai-ping
Biodiesel Wastewater Treatment and Power Generation Using Earthen Membrane Microbial Fuel Cell
Debajyoti Bose, Deepali Yadav, Ravi Kumar Patel, Anubhav Dhoundiyal, Laxman Gusain and Anubhav Tyagi
Utilization of Biomass Waste of Pulp and Paper Industry for Production of Sodium Lignosulphonate (SLS)
Bambang Pramudono, Hapsoro Aruno Aji, Slamet Priyanto, Tutuk Djoko Kusworo, Suherman, Edi Untoro and Puspa Ratu
Method of Measuring Tree Height and Volume Based on CCD SmartStation
Yang Liyan, Feng Zhongke, Liu Yingchun, Liu Jincheng and Sun Renjie
Development of EST-Derived SSR Markers for Tasar Ecoraces and their Application in Genetic Diversity Analysis
Renuka, G., NagaTeja Natra and Shamitha G.
Effect of Solution pH and Isotherm Study on Adsorption of PVA Using Activated Carbon Fibre
Xiao Mi, Mingzhao Shen, Jingrong Zhai, Mengpei Ren, Rongchang Peng and Guoting Li
Removal of Ammonia Nitrogen in Wastewater by Indirect Mechanism Using Electrochemical Method with Platinum Electrode as Anode
Pham-Hung Duong, Cong-Minh Pham, Ngoc-Han T. Huynh and Yong-Soo Yoon
Environmental Pollution and Measurement of Low-Carbon Logistics Efficiency in China’s Logistics Industry
Meilong Shi
Study on the Probability Distribution of Environmental Pollution Risk Caused by Sewage Irrigation in Farmland
Xin Huanga and Hongliang Lib
Phytoremediation as an Effective Technology for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Dump Yard Soils
V. Divya Vijayan and P. K. Sushama
Fractal Characters of Soil Erosion Spatial Pattern in the Watershed on Loess Plateau, China
Cheng Shengdong, Hang Penglei, Feng Zhaohong, Li Zhanbin and Zhang Tiegang
Biodegradation of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) by Halophilic Bacteria Isolated from Solar Saltpans, Kovalam, Chennai
Summera Rafiq, Fahmida Fathima, SK. Jasmine Shahina and K. Vijaya Ramesh
Green Building Development in China from the Perspective of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction and the Corresponding Environmental Protection Measures
Ji ying Qin
Degradation of Azo Dyes Wastewater by Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron
Muqing Qiu, Luyi Qi, Chengguang Chen and Yunchu Liu
A New Combination Treatment System of Ozonation and Electrocoagulation for C.I Acid Red 114 Dye Removal from Dyeing Wastewater
Ngoc-Han T. Huynh, Pham-Hung Duong and Yong-Soo Yoon
A Study on Indoor Air Pollution Among Rural Masses
J. Sathya and J. Gayathri
Ecological Degradation and Driving Forces in the Source Region of the Yellow River, China
Q. G. Liu
Decolorization and Mineralization of Azo Dye-Acid Orange 7 by Salt-tolerant Mixed Cultures Developed with Anaerobic and Aerobic Circle Method
ChenFeng Deng, Siwen Wang, Qiaonan Wang, Luyun Wang, Lei Yan and Yuling Zhu
Optimized Bio-Fuel Formulation by Taguchi’s Approach and its Effect in DI CI Engine on the Performance and Emission Characteristics
Hariram V., Godwin John J., Seralathan S. and Micha Premkumar T.
Study on the Oxidation Process of As(III) in Acidic Wastewater Containing Arsenic by Electrolysis and Ultrasonic Coupling
Linbo Li, Zhao Yang, Zeli Yu, Tao Hong and Yuhong Tian
Effect of Copper Sulphate (CuSO4.5H2O) and Pre-cold Treatment on Labellum Explants in Endangered Orchid Taxa
Vishal Sharma
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