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Volume 17, Issue No. 1, Mar 2018

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Study of Soil Microbiological Character at Different Altitudes in the Region of Dry and Hot River Valley
Zhang Qinling, Li Zhanbin and Liu Ying
Soil Physico-Chemical Property Dynamics When Continually Growing Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) in the Loess Plateau of China
Jianping Li, Yingzhong Xie, Lei Deng, Kaibo Wang and Xiaowei Li
Effect of Competing Cations (Cu, Zn, Mn, Pb) Adsorbed by Zeolite Bearing Tuff from Macedonia
Afrodita Zendelska, Mirjana Golomeova, Blagoj Golomeov and Boris Krstev
The Use of Fish Biomarkers for Assessing Textile Effluent Contamination of Aquatic Ecosystems: A Review
N. Athira and D. S. Jaya
Assessment of Groundwater Quality of Chittur Block, Palghat, Kerala, India
Deepu T. R. and E. Shaji
Analysis of the Efficiency of Public Environmental Expenditure Based on Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)-Tobit Model: Evidence from Central China
Pengju Wang

Co-composting of Kitchen Waste, Faeces and Sewage Sludge as Sustainable Strategy for Island Waste Management: Process Dynamics
Jihao Zhou, Jie Liu, Zhiwei Zhao, Ping Zhang and Jie Shi
Factor Selection Study to Determine the Sediment Source of a Small Watershed in the Loess Plateau Based on the Multi-element Tracer Technique
Ningning Zhang and Puling Liu
Effect of an Endocrine-disrupting Chemical Dimethyl Phthalate on Poecilia sphenops
Khushboo Rana, Jay Patel and Bablu Prasad
Areal Variation Measurement and Influencing Factor Decomposition of Carbon Emissions of Regional Logistics Ecosystems
Jie Wu, Lingyun Zhou and Yachao Wu
Tree Species Richness and Diversity of Community Forestry in Uttaradit Province, Thailand
Chattanong Podong and Parinya Krivutthinun
Online Spectrometric Decolorization of Rhodamine B and Acid Yellow G by Homogeneous Cobalt-Activated Peroxymonosulphate Reaction
Hang Xu, Beibei Liu, Tianlong Yu, Fengmin Wu and Airong Xu
Assessment of Multiresidue Pesticides in Agricultural Soils from Ledang, Malaysia and Related Potential Health Risks
Khitam Jaber Nabhan, Wan Mohd Afiq Wan Mohd Khalik, Md Pauzi Abdullah, Mohamed Rozali Othman, Anizan Isahak and Siti Aminah Zulkepli
Effect of Salinity and Alleviating Role of PGRs and Nutrients for Improving the Morphological Traits of Tomato Cultivars under Salinity Condition
Nandhitha G. K., R. Sivakumar and P. Boominathan
Performance Evaluation of Paper Mill Effluent in a Granular Bed Hybrid Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (HUASB) Reactor
A. Sangeetha, R. Ambalavanan, J. Santhosh and G. Thirumal Murugan
Performance of Combined Adsorption and Biological Process in Decolorization and Demineralization of Dye Wastewater
P. Anantha Narayanan, Ishwarya V., Mukesh Goel and Ashutosh Das
Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Industrial Pollution Discharge: A Case Study of Anhui, China
Hang Wang and Junpei Wu
Evaluation and Eco-regulation of Eco-restoration Engineering on Slopes of Hydropower Projects
Yang Yueshu, Xu Wennian, Liu Daxiang and Xia Zhenyao
Correlation Between Water Quality and Land Use Change in Ciliwung Watershed
Hefni Effendi, Makna Fathana Sabila and Yudi Setiawan
Usage of Fisheries Rearing Waste for Butterhead Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata) Cultivation in Recirculation
Prasetia Ajitama, Hefni Effendi and Sigid Hariyadi
Groundwater Quality Assessment for Domestic and Irrigational Suitability in Kallada River Basin, South Kerala, India
V. R. Abhisheka and R. B. Binoj Kumar
Characteristics, Status and Strategies of Environmental Protection Investment and Financing in China
Jiaying Li, Zongyi Yin and Feifei Song
Investigation of Heat Transfer Associated with Deenbandhu Brick Built Anaerobic Digester Covered with Single-layer Soil Type
Vhutshilo Nekhubvi and David Tinarwo
Effects of Macrozoobenthos and Zooplankton on the Occurrence of Yangtze Finless Porpoise Via the Bottom-up Force at a Confluence of Rivers
Xiaoke Zhang, Huili Wang, An Wan, Minmin Chen, Kexiong Wang and Daoping Yu
Effect of Heavy Metals on Antioxidant Biomarker Enzymes and Biochemical Constituents in Different Tissues of Lamelleidens marginallis in Different Reservoirs of Nasik District
Rahane Balasaheb and Resham Bhalla
Mobility Assessment of Heavy Metals with Seasonal Variation in an Industrial Region of Chhattisgarh
Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Samir Bajpai and Umesh Kumar Dewangan
Coordination Between Economic Development and Environmental Protection in Free Trade Zone: A Case Study of Hubei, China
Qi Dong and Aimin Wang
Performance of Microcystis aeruginosa Removal from Water Using Moringa oleifera Seed Presscake Extract as Natural Coagulant
Zongxi Li, Nan Zhang, Wenhang Zhai, Hanchao Li and Jingxi Tie
Performance of Aerated Fixed Film Biofilter (AF2B) Reactor for Treating Hospital Wastewater
Prayitno, Hadi Saroso, Sri Rulianah and Hardjono
Removal of Copper(II) Using Bio-adsorbents from Prepared Aqueous Solution
Pramod N. Kamble, Ragini G. Bodade, Abhijit K. Sagar, Goraksh M. Pondhe, Viswas B. Gaikwad and Ashish V. Mane
Influence of Organic Loading Rate in Acclimatization Phase of Hybrid Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) Reactor Treating Distillery Spent Wash
R. Thiyagu and P. Sivarajan
Environmental Pollution of Chinese Industrial Enterprises and Energy Conservation, and Emission Reduction Environmental Protection Strategies from the Cyclic Economy Perspective
Zhiyong Shao
Manufacturing Method of Cathode Electrode for FEM-EK Process to Adsorb Cesium (Cs) Ion
Mahmudul Kabir, Yoshitaka Hatakeyama and Shunsuke Nakajima
Adsorptive Removal of Methylene Blue by Mn-Modified Tourmaline
Gangfu Song, Mingzhao Shen, Kaiyang Zhu and Guoting Li
An Experimental Study on Soil Erosion and Evaluation of Sustainable Soil Conservation Systems
C. Dinesh Kumar, V. Kumaresh, J. Abhimanyu and M. Vasudevan
Effect of Different Soil Amendments on Growth Performance and Levels of Copper and Zinc in Lycopersicon esculentum
O. E. Aina, J. O. Olowoyo, L. L. Mugivhisa and S. O. Amoo
Pilot-scale Submerged Hollow Fibre Membrane Bioreactor Thickening Operation: Membrane Clogging, Sustainable Flux and Sludge Characteristics Assessment
Zhaozhao Wang, Kai Zhang, Lina Yan, Fengbing Tang, Wei Zhang and Simin Li
Relationship Between Livestock Pollution and the Environmental Behaviour of Farmers: A Case Study of Xiantao, China
Li Li and Mu Li
Influence of Substrate Particle Size on Vermicomposting of Pre-processed Vegetable Waste
Senthilkumar Palaniappan, Murugappan Alagappan and Senthilkumar Rayar
Study on Quantification Method for the Risk of Groundwater Environment Pollution Caused by Sewage Irrigation
Xin Huang and Lin Qiu
Optimized Preparation and Cr(VI) Adsorption Property Study of Activated Blue-coke
Yuhong Tian, Shudi Hu, Xiaowei Chi, Xinzhe Lan, Yonghui Song and Le Ju
A New Culture Method of High Ecological Efficiency of Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus)
Er-Meng Yu, Xiao-Yan Li, Jun Xie, Zhang-He Chen, Guang-Jun Wang, De-Guang Yu, Zhi-Fei Li, Yun Xia and Kai Zhang
Detection of Sand Dust Storm on MODIS Images Processing
Saeid Varamesh, Seyyed Mohsen Hosseini and Madjid Rahimzadegan
Analysis of Sediment-Microbial Fuel Cell Power Production in Series and Parallel Configurations
Debajyoti Bose, Amarnath Bose, Shikha Mitra, Himanshu Jain and Pragy Parashar
Determination of Present Household Solid Waste Generation Rate, Physical Composition and Existing SWM Practices in Selected Areas of Lahore
Almas Hamid and Sidra Asghar
Air Quality Index (AQI) for Development of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports of Urban Infrastructural Projects in Coimbatore City
S. Praveen and Jegan Josephraj
Seasonal Dynamics of Carbon Dioxide Concentration and its Influencing Factors in Urban Park Green Spaces in Northeast China
Han Gu, Wen Yu Zheng, Da Wei Xu, Ying Huang, LiYuan Zheng, and Jian Ma
Quantifying GHG Estimations for Agriculture, Waste, and Land Use, land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) for a Village Model in India
Philip Simon Gerry George and Mainak Mukherjee
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